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What are the methods of making paper cutting

What are the production methods of paper cutting

Sihaiwang: paper cutting has a history of thousands of years. It is one of the oldest folk arts in China. Paper cutting not only tests one's manual skills, but also pays attention to the enjoyment of art. There are many paper cutting carriers. In ancient times, there were paper, gold and silver foil, bark, leaves and so on. Now, most of them are paper-based. How to make paper cutting? Let's have a look.

Folk paper-cut is good at combining a variety of objects and images, and produces a good result in the ideal. No matter with one or more image combinations, they are all shaped by "image implication" and "image construction with meaning", rather than according to the objective natural form. At the same time, they are good at creating a variety of mascots by means of Bixing, and combining the images agreed to be vulgar to express their psychology. The pursuit of auspicious metaphor becomes one of the ultimate goals of image combination.

The main reason why folk paper-cut can be widely spread for a long time lies in the function of expression of blessing Yingxiang. The regional closure and cultural limitations, as well as the invasion of natural disasters and other adversity, stimulate people's desire for a happy life. People pray for plenty of food and clothing, prosperity, health and longevity, and all the best. This simple wish is conveyed through paper cutting.

The expression language of folk paper-cut is not a simple and straightforward description, but a message of sustenance, using those agreed to become a common conceptual image, to sustenance people's yearning for a better life, the expectation of good luck and happiness. All kinds of simple and grotesque paper-cut models, which include sincere and beautiful ones, come from the original visual thinking mode and folk aesthetic concept; come from the unique modeling system consisting of program system and image creation; come from China's original philosophy and world outlook, and have more touching artistic charm.

How to make paper cutting

Paper cutting, also known as engraving, is one of the oldest folk arts of the Han nationality in China. Paper cutting is a kind of hollowing art, which gives people a sense of emptiness and artistic enjoyment visually. The carrier can be paper, gold and silver foil, bark, leaves, cloth, leather and other sheet materials.

1. Printed paper.

Traditional Chinese paper-cut artists use brushes to dye paper into traditional Chinese red.

2. Make templates.

The following image of the butterfly is very simple. Use a pencil to outline the outline of the butterfly.

3. Hot cherry.

After dyeing, the rice paper usually appears wrinkle after drying. Use a warm iron to iron out the paper.

4. Stacking.

Put the paper-cut template on a small stack of dyed paper, about 20 pieces, and then seal them together.

5. Smoked template.

Take a piece of paper just dyed, moisten it, and then press the template on the bottom. Make one side of the formwork face the kerosene lamp. The template and the place without the template will be blackened by the smoke of the kerosene lamp. When the paper is completely dry, the template will be removed, and then there will be a place where the kerosene lamp has smoked and a blank covered by the template that has not been smoked. This is the model of paper cutting.