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Why is the Japanese black skin watermelon so expensive? the most expensive watermelon in the world is the black skin watermelon in Japan. It is said that this kind of watermelon with black and smooth skin has a special sweet taste. It only grows in Hokkaido, with an annual output of only 100. Things are rare, so there is a reason why they are expensive. However, in an auction this year, the most expensive is 500000 yen (about 31000 yuan). A bite is hundreds of yuan

According to Japanese media, the first auction of "tianzhui watermelon", a special high-grade black skin watermelon produced in dangmading, Hokkaido, was held in the vegetable and fruit markets in xuchuan and Sapporo on December 12.

Just like last year, xuchuan market made a top price of 500000 yen (about 31000 yuan). The highest price in history is 650000 yen in 2008.

According to reports, in the morning of the first auction in xuchuan City, 109 Tian Zhu watermelons were sold in succession among the high-profile bids. "I'm very happy to win the bid this year," said Tsumura Xiaozhi, a supermarket vegetable and fruit buyer who won the highest bid again last year. After the exhibition in xuchuan City, customers will be invited to taste. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with the source, the original link:

According to Wanguo xuchuan vegetable and fruit wholesale market, there are many warm days this year, and watermelon grows smoothly. It is reported that the sweetness is higher after the improvement of varieties last year. It is planned to ship about 70000 this year, with the peak around mid July. Retail stores in Tokyo and other places sell for about 10000 yen each.