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What's the matter with WiFi master key response survey? on March 29, CCTV's "half an hour of economy" column made a special in-depth report on WiFi universal key app, exposing various security risks it brought. On April 4, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the circular on mobile applications like "wipe the Internet", saying that recently, according to relevant media reports, mobile applications like "WiFi universal key" and "WiFi key" have the function of providing users with the use of other people's WiFi network for free, suspected of invading other people's WiFi network and stealing user's personal information.

What's the matter with WiFi master key response survey?

The Ministry of industry and information technology said it immediately organized professional network security agencies to conduct technical analysis on the two mobile applications, and found that the two mobile applications have the function of sharing information such as WiFi network password logged in by users.

At present, the network security administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology has asked Shanghai municipal and Fujian Provincial Communications Administration to carry out investigation work, which will be dealt with on the basis of verification and in accordance with laws and regulations such as the network security law, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users.

According to the economic observer, the WiFi universal key told reporters that on March 30, the WiFi universal key began to cooperate with the investigation of the network security bureau, but there is no investigation result at present.

Previously, WiFi universal key responded to CCTV's report that it "sincerely apologizes for the troubles caused to all sectors". If users or hot spot owners suffer property losses due to using WiFi universal key, they can claim for compensation.

WiFi universal key emphasizes that it has always attached great importance to the protection of the password. It adopts 128 bit asymmetric encryption for the password and never displays the password in plaintext. The password viewing function mentioned in the report is provided by the product "WiFi key" of an enterprise in Xiamen, and this function can only be used after the third-party root tool obtains the system management authority.

WiFi universal key also said that at present, the company has set up a special working group to continue to optimize the flow of existing products and protect the rights and interests of hot spot owners.