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The whole story of today's headlines being punished

The whole story of today's headlines being punished today's headlines have been developing rapidly in the past two years. They think that user experience is the first step, cater to the fragmented time of modern people, and quickly harvest a huge user market. But today's headlines are punished? So what's going on with the headline being punished today? Let's have a look.

April 4 news today, Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce issued an administrative penalty to Beijing byte jump Technology Co., Ltd. (headline today).

The punishment contents are as follows: 1. Confiscate the advertising fee of RMB 235971.6 in total; 2. Impose a fine of RMB 707914.8 for three times of the advertising fee.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, CCTV finance and economics "half an hour of economy" reported that it has received constant reports from the audience: "today's headlines" published false advertisements, seriously infringing the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and only in the second and third tier cities with loose control, "today's headlines" will publish a large number of illegal advertisements.

Later, today's headlines responded that the illegal advertisements reported by CCTV have been immediately offline, the relevant main account of the advertisement has been permanently closed and listed in the blacklist of integrity; Nanning agents involved in the report have been permanently terminated all cooperation.