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Stewardess in the hotel found that the probe taught you how to detect whether the hotel has a pinhol

what should I do if I find a pinhole camera in the hotel? Mei Mei, the stewardess, checked into the hotel, only to find a pinhole camera in her room. For fear of privacy exposure, Meimei asked the hotel to take responsibility, but the hotel staff said that the camera had been old and damaged, and had no actual function. Can this excuse be excused? Recently, the news of the hotel's installation of pinhole cameras has burst out frequently. For many girls who go out, how to protect themselves from being photographed is a very important thing! So how to detect whether the hotel room is equipped with pinhole cameras?

Recently, a couple traveling to Foshan found a set of secretly photographed equipment hidden on the wall in a fast hotel. At first they noticed something was wrong with a cable jack. The Internet cable socket is larger than the usual socket. If you look carefully, you can see a camera facing the bed. They called the police immediately.

How to identify whether a pinhole camera is installed?

Pinhole cameras mainly rely on infrared rays to capture images at night. Of course, if the room is well lit, the images will be clearer. If the camera without infrared function can't capture the picture when there is no light at night, just like the mobile phone camera without fill light (flash), it will bring out a black.

Let's talk about how to check the pinhole camera:

Mobile photography

Turn on the camera function of the mobile phone, and note that there is a point to be explained here: some camera of the mobile phone filters infrared rays, so it cannot be checked. (it doesn't matter. Continue to see the following other ways. )

Turn off the lights in the room and draw the curtains to make the room dark without any light. The darker the check, the better the condition!

Then turn on the camera function of mobile phone, turn around the room, remember not to turn on the flash, and check the dead corner of the room, ceiling, TV, air conditioning and other places where it is possible to install pinhole cameras. If there is a pinhole camera, the red dot will be seen on the mobile phone. The red dot is the camera.

There are very few mobile phones on the market that have infrared filtering, so they can't be checked. This method is only effective for pinhole cameras with infrared function.

Power cut method

Because invisible cameras need to work for a long time, battery power is not generally used. So the power supply is the fox tail of the camera. The camera usually needs to pull a power cord in a concealed place, or install it in an electrical appliance, which is limited by the power-off method.

In order to avoid stealing photos, we can choose to turn off the main power supply of the room before going to bed, so that in the environment without electricity, the pinhole camera is difficult to continue to work.

Travel outside, still want to find a regular hotel to live! If still not at ease, please remember to check with the above method!