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Can I change my name on the 2018 birth certificate

Can I change my name on the 2018 birth certificate everyone who has a baby at home should know that the birth certificate should be handled immediately after the birth of the child, and this certificate should be completed within 30 days. However, sometimes after the completion of the certificate, they find that they want to change their name or there is a mistake in their name, can they change it at this time? Can the birth certificate be renamed? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Can I change the name of the birth certificate

The birth certificate can be changed. You can use a pen to write on the birth certificate. Of course, it's better to call the hospital to print it. As long as you don't violate the policy on family planning. The child's parents should have complete certificates. Don't say you haven't entered the house yet. Even if you have entered the house, citizens under the age of 16 can change their names. The village residents' committee is required to prove that it is OK to go to the police station to fill in the application form for citizen's change of identity information, take the household register, enter the change information in the police station, and then go to the household registration section of the County Public Security Bureau for approval, and then go to the police station for printing after the approval.

But the name change on the birth certificate is more troublesome, because the birth certificate is issued by the hospital, and before it is issued, it has been informed that please write your name, think about it, and also record it on the intranet of the Ministry of health. So you say you don't want the name of your birth certificate. It's very troublesome to change it, because it means that your previous birth certificate is invalid. Then you need to find a hospital and ask the obstetrics department of the birth hospital for specific details.

If you don't want to change your name, it's very simple, that is, after you use the birth certificate to go to the household, and then when you change your name, the name you don't want will appear in the account book, called the former name, and this method is the simplest, fastest, and a few yuan can be solved.

How to issue birth certificate:

1. Birth hospital: to handle the birth certificate of a child, you must go to the hospital where the child was born, and handle it in a timely manner according to the processing time specified by the hospital. Some of them are handled within one month after the child's discharge from the hospital, some of them may take a longer time, but you must pay attention to the processing time. You can't be too lazy, or you will delay the work.

2. Child's name: it's natural to have a good name with the baby when handling the birth certificate for the child. The baby's name must be decided through consultation between the two people. Once the birth certificate is issued, it can't be changed. There will be unnecessary trouble. Also, it can avoid one party's decision and the other party's ignorance, causing family disputes.

3. ID card of both parents: the ID card of the child's parents is required to be carried when handling, and the account book is not required. The name, date of birth and other information on the ID card should be consistent with the information and name entered during hospitalization. The ID card must be a valid second-generation ID card.

4. Marriage certificate: a child's birth certificate must be accompanied by a marriage certificate, but there is no need to bring two marriage certificates at the same time, as long as one is OK, father's or mother's.

5. Handling procedures: before handling the birth certificate of the child, the hospital generally takes the identity information of baopa and Baoma in advance, and takes all the certificates to the local department to handle according to the handling process. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the conformity between the information of admission and the name of the certificate information it carries.

The above content is the relevant answer. Generally, the birth certificate cannot be changed. If the name is wrong, you can apply for the child in the Public Security Bureau later. If it is not very serious, the general medical institution will not do it again. If you have other legal issues, you can consult the relevant lawyer.