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What happened to the shooting at YouTube headquarters or because of emotional disputes

What happened to the shooting at YouTube headquarters or because of emotional disputes according to foreign media reports, on Tuesday, three people were shot and taken to hospital in San Bruno, California. The female gunman killed herself. The shooting took place at about 1 p.m. Western Pacific time on Tuesday, when the San Bruno police station, where YouTube headquarters is located, received several police calls saying that gunshots were heard in the YouTube headquarters campus. According to the latest report, the gunman was a woman who used a pistol and later committed suicide at the scene of the crime. At present, relevant departments are investigating the incident, which is initially identified as' domestic dispute '.

Here is a live review of the shooting:

1:35 p.m. local time:

Police in Northern California confirmed the shooting. The mayor of San Bruno, Connie Jackson, said police and firefighters had taken action after several 911 calls reported the shooting.

According to pictures taken by local TV stations from helicopters, on-site commanders evacuated people to the outside of a building department, which was protected by police vehicles. San Bruno police said more details were not available.

1:50 PM:

The San Bruno Police Department reminded the public on Facebook to stay away from the area. In addition, no further information has been released.

Google said on twitter it was working closely with the government.

Local television showed people leaving the office building in an orderly manner, holding their hands high for police inspection.

2:25 PM:

The White House said in a statement that President trump is aware of the shooting and that relevant departments are paying close attention to it.

Mayor Jackson spokesman Thomas McGovern said investigators had entered the scene, but did not say whether anyone had died in the shooting.

A northern California hospital said it received four to five people injured in the shooting.

2:50 PM:

Authorities said the shooter was almost certain to be a woman who had died of 'suicide shooting' and four others were injured.

Ed Barberini, the police chief in San Bruno, told reporters the victims had been taken to hospital.

Brent Andrew, a spokesman for San Francisco General Hospital, said the hospital received three injured people. One of them is a 36 year old man with serious injuries; one is a 32 year old woman with serious injuries; the other is a 27 year old woman with relatively minor injuries.

Andrew also said more of the injured were expected to be taken to hospital.

3:05 PM:

Google said its security team is working with government departments to help evacuate YouTube headquarters staff.

On twitter, Google suggested that YouTube employees and others try to stay as far away from the shooting area as possible, and set up a helpline for employees.

Police said the gunman was almost certain to be a woman, but appeared to have died of 'suicide shooting' and four others were injured.

San Bruno police chief barbari told reporters that when the police arrived at the scene, they saw a victim with a gunshot wound. A few minutes later, they found the female gunman. After that, the police found two other victims nearby.

3:10 PM:

President trump expressed concern about the incident. He tweeted: 'we are with everyone affected by the shooting and pray for the injured. At the same time, I would like to thank law enforcement officers and on-site staff. '

The government reiterated that the gunman was almost certain to be a woman, but appeared to have died of 'suicide shooting' and four others were injured.

At 3:55 p.m.:

Diana arnspiger, a YouTube female employee, said she saw a woman shoot at the company's headquarters.

Diana said she was on the second floor when she heard shots. Then I ran to the window and saw a woman shooting. Then Diana shouted: 'there are gunmen', and everyone started to flee.

Diana and others hid in a conference room for about an hour, during which time someone kept calling 911 for help. Diana recalled: 'the scene was horrible. '

4:05 PM:

A YouTube employee recalled that when a fire alarm sounded at headquarters, people didn't realize it was a shooting.

Zach vories, a senior software engineer, said he and several others were calmly leaving the building. Suddenly I saw a man (gunman) shouting in the yard: 'come to me, or come to me. '(Come at me, or come get me)。

Wohaes was so scared that he saw a victim with a gunshot wound. Then an officer with assault rifles was seen passing through the security door.

4:40 pm:

Google CEO Sundar Pichai called the incident a "terrorist violence.".

He said Google will do everything it can to help every victim and their families. At the same time, it will help every employee affected by the incident to recover health.

Police said the gunman was a woman and three people were injured before the gunman committed suicide.

5:10 PM:

The government confirmed that three people were injured in the shooting.

San Bruno police chief barbari has previously told reporters that four people were injured. He later clarified that one of them had been taken to hospital because of a sprained ankle and had not been shot.

Baberini also said the female gunman used a pistol and later committed suicide. As for motivation, the police have not provided information.

The hospital said one male victim was in critical condition. There are also two female victims, one more seriously injured and the other less injured.

5:40 PM:

Two law enforcement officials said authorities were investigating the incident, which was initially characterized as a 'domestic dispute'.