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Don't miss the cherry soda in Wuhan

Sihaiwang: did you go to Wuda to see cherry blossom? We all know that Wuhan University has the best cherry blossom in the country. Then Cherry Blossom soda in Wuhan also caught fire. It's a product with super beauty. I want to buy it for the appearance. No matter how it tastes, let's start with a wave of friends! you 're right! Recently, the popular Sakura soda is the brand of Hankou No.2 factory.

Don't miss the cherry soda in Wuhan

What brand of Wuhan cherry soda

This new soda is jointly released by "Zhiyin" and Hankou No.2 factory. The two brands will cooperate in depth to build Hankou Heli brand. Heli soda, popular in 1920s, will be brought back to Jiangcheng. Holly soft drink was born in 1921 in Holly ice factory, which was established in Wuhan by British commercial company Sean. It is famous in Wuhan with the characteristics of "the most beautiful taste, the most fragrant, the cleanest water, and the most sufficient steam". It became a popular drink in the streets.

In 1938, Liu Yaotang, a personage of Wuhan industry and commerce, purchased Heqi water plant. In 1952, heli water plant became the second state-owned Wuhan beverage plant, and the brand of Heli became the brand of Binjiang. The brand of Binjiang water produced by the second plant is the "second plant steam water" that many Wuhan people still talk about. There are also limited Cherry Blossom flavor, orange juice flavor and banana flavor for citizens to choose in spring.

Zhiyin is a cultural drama created against the background of the Yangtze River culture of the great Hankou. As the most typical evidence of the culture of that year, Huili soda perfectly carries the consistent brand appeal of Zhiyin. "Zhiyin" and Hankou No.2 factory will restore the soda water of Heli 100 years ago, and make it a classic taste and cultural symbol of the city again, which is a powerful practice and promotion for the cultural renaissance of Wuhan.

This cooperation is the coincidence of the two brands in reviving urban culture and reshaping urban character. It aims to awaken and reshape the cultural value behind the taste and create a more personalized lifestyle in Wuhan. In the future, "Zhiyin" and Hankou No. 2 factory will further cooperate to design online and offline linkage member club system and open the theme museum of "No. 2 factory soda".


Is Wuhan net red cherry soda good to drink

It's said that it's cherry soda from Hankou No.2 factory, Wuhan new net red. It's limited in spring. It's on sale on today, with a price of 6.5.

In the peak season of cherry watching in Wuhan recently, if you come to Wuhan for a special trip, you can buy and drink. The taste of soda is light. The glass body is raised and carved. The main vision of pink is good.

After drinking, it can be used as a vase.

In terms of taste, as a person who loves soda, this soda lacks flavor (sweetness) and the flavor of carbon water drinks. However, it is limited to be made as a net red product, so it is unlikely to change the formula.

If you really want to create city business card products, it is suggested to change the taste and improve the packaging.