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Can bee pollen be eaten directly

Sihaiwang: bee pollen is a favorite of many people. There are many ways to eat bee pollen. The simplest way is to eat it directly in your mouth. How long can bee pollen last when it is opened? Let's have a general introduction.

Can bee pollen be eaten directly

Can bee pollen be eaten directly

Xiaobian is here to tell you that you can eat it directly. Direct eating is to eat the pollen directly into the mouth. The method is to pour the dried pollen directly into the mouth, and then use the water whose temperature is not higher than 40 ℃ to take it. This method may not be very used to people who eat the pollen for the first time, and they will adapt after eating it several times. This is the most convenient and simple method. In addition, pollen products such as pollen capsules and pollen tablets are used in this way, which is the simplest and can be eaten directly in the mouth.

How long can bee pollen last when opened

The shelf life of pollen is very long. If it is preserved in normal temperature, the shelf life of bee pollen can be as long as 2 years in a sealed bottle with aluminum foil. If it is Kaifeng pollen, it is better to eat it in 6 months. In this way, there is no loss of nutrients and the quality will not deteriorate. When it is Kaifeng for more than half a year, it will grow insects and deteriorate, so it is not suitable for eating. Usually people can put pollen in the refrigerator for better and longer preservation.

Bee pollen no one can eat

1. Babies (children under 2 years old) cannot eat pollen directly

The fact that infants cannot eat bee pollen does not mean that the nutritional value of bee pollen is not high enough. This is because bee pollen contains bacteria of Botox in the collection process. These bacteria are very destructive for infants whose digestive tract is not fully developed, and they are easy to cause diarrhea. In this case, mothers can steam the pollen for their babies to eat, which is also OK.

2. Gout patients can't eat pollen

Gout patients can not eat honey, bee pollen can not eat. Honey products, including royal jelly, pollen and honey, can not be eaten by gout patients, because these foods contain nucleic acids widely, which will aggravate the disease after consumption.

3. Severe pollen allergy

It should be accurate to say that people with allergic constitution can not eat bee pollen, especially those with pollen allergy, because pollen itself is an allergen, after consumption, the skin will immediately have red pimples, itching intolerable. However, in recent years, some people also use honey for "shock treatment" of allergies, because honey contains a small amount of pollen, through a long-term trial, the body slowly adapts to pollen and other substances.

4. People with high uric acid

Just like gout patients, people with high uric acid can't eat pollen because it contains a lot of nucleic acids.