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Is the 2018 Qingming Festival Beijing limited? Does the 2018 Qingming Festival Beijing road charge

There is no restriction on the last number of Qingming small and long holiday (April 5 to April 7).

During the Qingming holiday in 2018, all toll roads in Beijing are free of tolls for less than 7 (including 7) passenger vehicles. The free passage time is from 0:00 on April 5 to 24:00 on April 7, 2018, subject to the time when the vehicles leave the exit toll station.

During the period of free passage, the special free passage for minibuses will be released without issuing cards and carrying poles; etc Lane will maintain the current non parking mode, and the toll amount of free minibuses will be zero, and the paid vehicles will be charged normally; other ordinary lanes will maintain the current card collection and payment mode, and the minibuses will be released free of charge.

According to reports, it is expected that the toll road traffic volume during the 'Qingming' holiday (April 5-7) in 2018 will show a high and steady upward trend, with a steady growth compared with the same period last year. It is estimated that the average daily traffic volume of Qingming holiday is expected to break through the historical highest value (2.5332 million) set by May Day holiday last year, reaching about 2.55 million, an increase of about 7% over the same period last year (2.3877 million); the peak daily traffic volume is expected to reach a record high, reaching more than 2.6 million.

It is expected that the pressure of Beijing Kaifeng Expressway from Daxing bridge to Shuangyuan bridge in the direction of leaving Beijing, Yulong south in the direction of entering Beijing to Beijing Tibet expressway, Beijing Chengde expressway, Beijing Kaifeng expressway, Beijing Hong Kong Macau Expressway and the sixth ring road will be particularly prominent, and the pressure of Beijing Tongtong Expressway and Beijing Pingping expressway will also be large. The operation pressure mainly focuses on the direction of leaving Beijing in the morning on the first and second day of the holiday, the direction of entering Beijing in the afternoon to evening on the second and last day of the holiday. In particular, from the afternoon of the last day of the holiday to the evening, traffic pressure may continue to concentrate in the sections from Yulong to tiangongyuan in the direction of Beijing Expressway and from Liulihe to Doudian in the direction of Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway. Airport Expressway is lower than normal level, but due to its own normal congestion characteristics, it also needs to be focused on.

9-12 a.m. and 14-18 p.m. are the periods with high overall traffic pressure of the road network, and the peak may occur from 10-11 a.m.

Go to the section from shimenying toll station, West Sixth Ring Road, Tianshan cemetery, Mentougou District to Junzhuang toll station and Junzhuang toll station exit, to the section from dujiakan toll station, Beijing Hong Kong Macau expressway, taiziyu cemetery, Fengtai District to zhaoxindian exit and dujiakan exit, to the section from Juyongguan, Beijing Tibet Expressway to Badaling Great Wall exit and Badaling Great Wall exit, and leave in the morning The travel pressure in the direction of Beijing and in the morning rush hour is relatively concentrated.

In the late period of the Qingming holiday, due to the superimposition of short-distance travel and long-distance travel back to Beijing traffic flow, the traffic operation pressure of some expressways in the direction of entering Beijing will be more prominent and last for a long time from afternoon to night.

This year's Qingming holiday is expected to present the following characteristics of the city's traffic operation:

1. It is expected that the overall traffic pressure during the Qingming holiday will be more prominent, and the Qingming traffic operation characterized by short trips such as outing and tomb sweeping is obvious.

2. It is suggested to focus on the operation of ordinary roads to cemeteries and tourist attractions. The traffic around the important scenic spots will be relatively concentrated, which may lead to traffic congestion.

3. The daily traffic operation pressure is relatively balanced, especially in the direction of leaving Beijing on the first day of the holiday and entering Beijing on the last day of the holiday, especially in the expressway to cemetery and related ordinary highway sections, there will be concentrated traffic flow and outstanding traffic operation pressure in peak hours.

4. Pay special attention to the impact of adverse weather such as low visibility, strong wind, rainfall, traffic accidents or relevant conditions of surrounding provinces and cities on the operation of expressways in our city.

The main toll station is equipped with a special lane for passenger cars to facilitate free passage

In order to improve the traffic efficiency of toll roads, during the free traffic period, the main toll stations of all toll roads in the city will set up special lanes according to the actual traffic flow and vehicle type distribution, and the number of special lanes for minibus shall not be less than 40% (excluding etc). If conditions permit, ramp stations will also be equipped with free dedicated lanes for minibuses.

At 1000m and 500m in front of the toll station where the special passage for minibuses is set, the warning signs for the special passage for minibuses shall be installed, and at the toll Island head of the special passage, the warning signs for the drivers of minibuses shall be installed.

Various ways of diversion to ease the congestion of toll roads

During the free access period, when the main road is seriously congested, the maintenance, road production and toll collection departments of our city will cooperate with the traffic management department to take measures such as diversion and guide. When the traffic on the main road is interrupted due to the traffic jam, the blocked vehicles shall be exported free of charge from the nearest toll outlet to the blocking point; meanwhile, the traffic control department shall cooperate with the traffic control department to open the turn valve in the station area, and the vehicles shall drive in the opposite lane from the turn valve, and pass free of charge from the nearest exit.

When the free policy attracts a large number of vehicles to drive into the toll road and seriously exceeds the bearing capacity of the main road, the traffic management department can take measures to close the toll road entrance in the road and toll station area.

During the rush hour, the toll station shall ensure 100% opening rate to ensure the rapid passage of vehicles. When the stranded drivers and passengers stay on the toll road for a long time due to special circumstances, the relevant departments will start the emergency plan to provide services for the stranded drivers and passengers in the toll station area. The service area will provide basic services such as refueling, drinking water, food, free rest for the rest vehicles or the stranded vehicles.

A variety of service measures to ensure the travel of citizens during small and long holidays

The municipal transportation department will provide travel information services for the general public in a timely manner. The Municipal Transportation Commission will timely inform the real-time road condition information and service information through the official microblog @ transportation Beijing, Beijing transportation radio, Beijing TV and other media, so as to provide reference for the public friends to plan their own travel time and route.

Bus group will open 12 temporary bus lines for mass grave sweeping in Chaoyang cemetery, Haidian Wan'an, Jinshan, Wenquan cemetery, Fengtai taiziyu cemetery, Babaoshan cemetery and other areas in time on the peak day of passenger flow of tomb sweeping activities in Qingming Festival. It will arrange the standby capacity of regular bus lines passing through the surrounding areas of cemeteries and scenic areas of parks in advance, and add temporary stops to some lines In case of large passenger flow, the number of operating vehicles will be increased to ensure sufficient transport capacity.

Rail transit will add temporary trains as the case may be, maintain the order of large passenger stations such as Babaoshan subway, add signs at Babaoshan station and other key stations, adjust the flow direction of passenger flow, increase service personnel, and strive to ensure the peak capacity of passenger flow. At the same time, the vehicle technology and equipment maintenance guarantee work shall be done well in advance to ensure the safe and stable operation of the train and all system equipment.

The road administration, road production and maintenance department will intensify road patrol, focus on the inspection of the toll road bridge areas, station areas and ramp entrances and exits, timely discover the road traffic safety hazards, repair the road pit and damage facilities along the line, and ensure the safe passage of vehicles. Do a good job in road rescue, road rescue, repair and other emergency preparations, and be able to respond quickly in case of emergencies. Set up rescue points in advance, arrange rescue vehicles to clear the obstacles, timely clear and transport the vehicles with faults, cooperate with the traffic police department to clean up the scene of traffic accidents in time, and ensure the smooth traffic.

Toll station area and service area will strengthen the support force and material allocation, and provide consultation, drinking water, food, temporary rest and other services for passing vehicles and personnel.

The Municipal Transportation Commission reminded the public that the traffic around the important scenic spots will be concentrated during the long vacation. Please try to choose public transportation. For self driving trip, please know the road condition information in advance, plan the trip reasonably, and try to avoid peak hours and congested sections.