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Is jujube sweeter than jujube? What's the difference between jujube and jujube

Four seas network: there are many kinds of red dates, divided into big red dates and small red dates, are said to be sour and sweet? Different kinds of products have different effects. Is there any difference between jujube and jujube? Next, let's take a look at the medicinal differences between big red dates and small red dates.

Is jujube sweeter than jujube? What's the difference between jujube and jujube

Which of big red date or small red date is better

There are different kinds of jujube on the market. If you want to nourish your temper and then your qi and blood, you can choose jujube, such as Hotan jujube in Xinjiang. Jujube is more inclined to invigorate the heart and blood, can relieve anxiety, tension, improve insomnia and so on. Different kinds of jujube have the same effect of blood tonic. The key is how to eat jujube to maximize its blood tonic function.

Often drink jujube, longan, medlar tea, can let the female friend skin white, the beauty effect is good. Don't put more wolfberry fruit, just a few, red dates and longan are only 6-8. Make yourself a cup every morning after going to work. It can not only replenish qi and blood, but also make your eyes bright. It's especially suitable for workaholics who stay in front of computers for a long time. Search. Red dates, peanuts, longan, plus brown sugar, add water to stew slowly in the pot, stew rotten, often eat, the effect of blood is very good. Red dates, red beans and congee are cooked together in glutinous rice. Red beans are not easy to burn. You can cook red beans first, and then put glutinous rice and red dates together. It's also a good food for nourishing blood.

The difference between big red date and small red date

The research of modern Chinese medicine holds that: both big and small jujubes have the function of strengthening the spleen, but the function of big jujube is to reduce turbidity, and the function of small jujube is to support the body, so the use of big jujube is to treat and to use as medicine; the use of small jujube is to raise and not to use as medicine.

International medical and pharmaceutical circles also believe that: jujube can be used to clear the blood, reduce blood fat, regulate blood pressure, ease arteriosclerosis; it has curative effect on deficiency of Qi and blood, anemia, cough due to deficiency of lung, neurasthenia, insomnia, hypertension, septicemia, etc.; eating jujube has better therapeutic effect on constipation and corneal ulcer, and it is boiled and taken with pedicled jujube, which is beneficial to the recovery of trauma and burns. However, jujube is a nutritious tonic which is affirmed and respected by the domestic and foreign medicine circles.

Jujube has the function of anti fatigue and can enhance people's endurance. In addition, it is a good dietary supplement to cook glutinous rice porridge with red jujube pig bone. It can nourish blood essence, especially for blood diseases and the elderly.

In short, the effect of jujube and stomach width is the most obvious, while that of red jujube is the strongest, but also dry. Some people say that red dates are dry, so they need to be seeded when cooking, but in fact, even if they are seeded, red dates are still relatively dry.

Who is suitable for red dates

1) Jujube, with sweet taste and warm nature, is a good medicine for nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing the blood and tranquilizing the mind, curing diseases and strengthening the body. Its main functions are tonifying the middle part of the body, nourishing the blood and tranquilizing the mind. It is mainly used in the treatment of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, blood deficiency and withering yellow, blood deficiency and insomnia.

2) Drinking jujube water often can improve the complexion and cold hands and feet of women with anemia caused by excessive menstrual blood.

3) The parturient eats red dates, which can replenish qi, nourish blood and calm nerves, and accelerate the recovery of the body.

4) People who are always tea addicts will inevitably toss and turn at night if they drink too much at night. If they use red dates to fry soup instead of tea every night, they can avoid insomnia.

5) The old people who are weak can eat red dates, which can enhance their health and delay their aging.