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How to remove 502 glue on shoes

How to remove 502 glue on shoes 502 glue can be regarded as a magic tool for people to deal with shoe gluing. Although 502 glue is good, it will bring a lot of troubles. The glued shoes will open soon, but the traces of glue are still there. How to remove 502 glue from shoes? Let's have a look.

How to deal with shoes sticking 502

1. Hot water washing

If the shoes dribble carelessly, you can use hot water to clean them, or you can use a wet hot towel to warm up the 502 area. After a few minutes, 502 will melt, so you can clean them.

2. Armour remover

If 502 is glued to the surface of shoes, it can be washed out with nail remover. Although this method is effective, it takes a long time.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is an organic solvent. Alcohol has a certain solubility for 502 glue. It can be soaked in alcohol and cleaned in the place with alcohol, so the effect is better.


4. Wash immediately

When you just drop 502 on your shoes, you can wash them with plenty of water. When the first drop is applied, it can't completely stick to the shoes. It can be washed with a lot of water. 502 may solidify due to the low water temperature, so it can be washed with warm water.

5. Gasoline

If you have gasoline at home, you can choose gasoline, because gasoline is a very good solvent, which can effectively remove 502 glue. Gasoline is safer than other organic solvents. For example, the toxicity of gasoline is relatively small, and it will not do too much harm to people.

6. 502 remover

There is a special way to remove 502 glue. It can soften 502 glue, and it can also soften other solid glue. After the glue softens, you can hang the glue with tools.

502 can I glue shoes

502 is not recommended for shoes. Because the shoes will be hard after 502 is stuck, and they will crack after wearing for a long time. Shoes are not special glue for gluing shoes, it will damage shoes. It is recommended to use resin glue to stick to the place where shoes are glued. If not, you can go to the shoe repair shop to buy them. 502 is the killer of shoes. Do not use 502 to glue the glued shoes.

How to wash your hands when they are stuck with 502 glue

1. Flush with hot water

If the hand is accidentally stuck together by 502, don't try to tear it apart easily, otherwise it will lead to the separation of blood and meat. It's better to wash it with plenty of water, preferably warm water, so as to accelerate the melting of 502.

2. Bath Milk

The glue can also be removed by soaking the glued parts in warm water and then washing them with bath milk.

3. Soak in soapy water

Mix soapy water and hot water to make some soapy water, then put your hand in warm soapy water for a few minutes, soak it for a few minutes, then slowly break off your fingers to avoid tearing the skin on your hands.