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What kind of hairstyle do you recommend for 2018

Sihaiwang: spring is coming, and summer is not far away. The beautiful girls are starting to act! Change starts with hair! What are the good hair styles in spring 2018? Come and have a look. In fact, compared with the shawl, the girl with hair tied looks more youthful, lovely and playful.

What kind of hairstyle do you recommend for 2018

How do girls tie their hair and look good at ponytail in spring

For the headmaster's hair sister, it's quite good to tie a double ponytail like this. It's not only lovely but also quite ageless. It's quite beautiful with air bangs.

High ponytail

When it comes to how to make good-looking long hair for female students, this dynamic high ponytail must not be missed! Make all the hair high and tie it up, and then make it curly, fashionable, beautiful and youthful.

High meatball head

The playful high meatball head is also a very common hairstyle on campus. At the same time, it's also one of the hairstyles that long hair girls like to wear. It can show vitality only when it's high and tied, and it's pretty cute.

Low ponytail

Elegant low ponytail is a very good choice for girls with long hair. Simply tie their hair into a low ponytail, which is fresh and elegant, giving a dignified feeling.

Half ponytail

Female students with long curly hair can try this half ponytail. This half ponytail design is very popular this year. Half ponytail and half curly hair, fashionable and stylish.

Half ball head

Long hair and half ball head is also a very popular one in 2017. Half ball head and half long hair are loose. When the age of the playful is reduced, they can show their fashion.

Ramie ponytail

This is a kind of hemp double horsetail with full artistic flavor, which is very suitable for female students in school to tie. It is sweet and tender with air bangs. Don't miss it.

What's the best hair style in spring? Style 1

Hairstyle type: air banging hairstyle

The hair style with air bangs has always been loved by girls, such as this Korean Air bangs with long hair. The thin Korean Air bangs can bring the girl a sense of spirituality and sweetness. With the straight long hair, it's even more beautiful.

Spring style 2

Hair style: straight short

Both spring and summer are very suitable for this straight short hair style. The thin air bangs are perfectly connected with the straight hair on both sides, which can not only highlight the freshness of girls, but also not forget to repair the face, and easily make the face look more delicate and smaller.

Spring style 3

Hair style: wave perm

This medium and long curly hair made of wave hot roll can show the intellectual femininity, and at the same time, it is also fashionable. From the corner of the eye, curl your hair naturally on your shoulders. Is it easy to show your beauty. If the girls like it, they should collect it quickly.

Spring style 4

Hair type: medium long hair

The middle and long hair with brown hair color makes it look like hanfan'er and fresh. At the same time, it also brightens the girl's skin color, making the face skin more tender, white and glossy. If the sister wants to keep the bangs, she will suggest choosing a Korean style air bangs, which will be more harmonious and beautiful.

Do you like these hairstyles? There are more beautiful welcome to recommend to Xiaobian.