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Polanski's best director, many female filmmakers protested and withdrew

Polanski's best director, many female filmmakers protested and withdrew

On February 28, French time, the 45th Caesar Award, known as the 'French Oscar', was awarded. Les miserables, which competed for the best international film on behalf of France, won the best film, and won three awards for best new actor and best editing.

Roman & middot; Polanski won the best director for "I complain". The film also won the best adapted script and best costume design award. The film won the jury award of Venice International Film Festival last year. The best male and female protagonists are roshdi & middot; Zem (lamp of rube) and Anais & middot; Demostier (Alice and the mayor) won.

But when the best director was awarded to Polanski, including Selin & middot, director of the portrait of the burning woman; Xi'anma, actress Adela & middot; Some filmmakers such as Hanel began to leave, and women's rights groups gathered outside to protest.

Polanski has been deeply involved in a sexual assault case more than 40 years ago. With the rise of the 'me too' movement, some women have been accused of being harassed by him in recent years, but Polanski denied it.

"I complain" has been boycotted by filmmakers many times before. In the Venice Film Festival, the chairman of the jury of the main competition unit, Lucia & middot; Martel said at the press conference that he would not participate in the premiere of "I complain" in Venice. When the film was released in France, it was also boycotted by feminists and forced to cancel the premiere and related publicity activities.

Since I complain won 12 nominations for the French Caesar Award, it has been criticized by all walks of life. There are nearly 400 people in the film industry, including movie star Leia & middot; Sedu, Omar & middot; Xi, director Michelle & middot; Azanavisius, Eric & middot; Toledano and others signed a petition demanding that the Caesar prize be completely rectified. Caesar Film Academy also said that 'it will carry out profound reform on the status and governance of the Academy' to achieve gender equality in the Committee.