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Which brand of air conditioner is better in 2018 top ten air conditioner brands

Which brand of air conditioner is better in 2018 top ten air conditioner brands in the hot sun, air conditioning is absolutely necessary for our home. Now there are more and more air conditioning brands and types on the market. Major air conditioning manufacturers have their own air conditioning expertise, and consumers will pick their eyes when purchasing. Which brand of 2018 air conditioning is better? Next, I compiled the top ten air conditioning ranking list in 2018, which one is in no order. I hope it will be right for you Shopping helps.

No.1 air conditioner brand: Midea

Midea, the original life can be more beautiful! Focusing on white household appliances for more than 30 years, Midea air conditioning has become popular in the market with "one night as low as one kilowatt hour", and the sales volume of variable frequency air conditioning ranks first. Midea air conditioning energy saving key technology has won the National Science and technology progress award. It can be said that it is a well-known brand in the air conditioning industry!

Air conditioning brand ranking 2: Gree

Let the world fall in love with made in China! Gree air conditioning holds the core technology! Gree air conditioning's quality is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and its brand is well known. It has won the national science and Technology Progress Award three times, which can be said to be a real well-known brand in the air conditioning industry!

Ranking 3: Haier

Haier air conditioning was founded in 1985, after 28 years of development, has become the leader of China's air conditioning industry. In June 2013, Haier air conditioner was listed in the "world famous brand" by the global household appliance market research index released by the world influence organization, and the air conditioner comfort intelligent control technology won the national science and technology progress award twice.

Air conditioning brand ranking 4: Zhigao

As the leader of high-end air conditioning, Zhigao has mastered the core technology of intelligent cloud, respected the spirit of craftsman, focused on every detail and forged the "ultimate user experience". Zhigao air conditioning has won the highest honor award of national quality, industry-leading technology award and 2015 refrigeration industry technology contribution award.

Air conditioning brand ranking 5: Oakes

Since its establishment in 1994, after 20 years of professional refrigeration, Oxfam air conditioning has grown into a leading brand in China's air conditioning industry. Among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Oxfam has won the 2015 air conditioning industry quality benchmark award, and Oxfam has won the 2015 air conditioning industry best innovative product award.

Air conditioning brand ranking 6: Hisense Kelong

Kelong air conditioner started its refrigeration business as early as 1984. In 1988, Kelong officially launched the first split type hanging machine in China; in 1992, Kelong also launched the first split type cabinet machine in China. Kelong air conditioner, as an expert of efficient air conditioner, was the first air conditioner with energy efficiency class I in China in 2001. In 2005, Kelong won the first place in the energy efficiency appraisal competition of 19 domestic brands, and has been maintaining the laurel of efficient energy saving for 11 years. At the same time, Cologne has broken three domestic energy efficiency records and three world energy efficiency records.

Air conditioner brand ranking 7: Daikin Air Conditioner

Since its establishment in 1924, Daikin Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. of Japan has grown and developed into a multinational enterprise active in air conditioning, refrigeration, fluorochemistry, electronics, hydraulic machinery and other fields, especially in air conditioning and refrigeration, with more than 5000 kinds of products. It is a cross-border enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of air conditioning, refrigerant and compressor in the world State owned enterprises.

Air conditioning brand ranking 8: TCL

TCL air conditioning is one of the four pillar industries of TCL Group Co., Ltd. with the latest technology and new materials, TCL air conditioning has frequently launched a number of innovative products initiated by the industry, such as titanium heat exchanger, all aluminum parallel flow heat exchanger, new DC frequency conversion and one drag, known as the 'fastest growing brand in the domestic air conditioning industry'.

Air conditioning brand ranking 9: Panasonic

Panasonic air conditioning is the air conditioning brand of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd. the founder is known as the "God of operation" of Panasonic lucky help. Since it was founded in 1957, Panasonic air conditioning has become an air conditioning brand with wide popularity and reputation in the world.

Air conditioning brand ranking 10: Chunlan

Chunlan air conditioner is the air conditioner brand of Chunlan (Group) company, which is divided into two categories: household and commercial. Chunlan air conditioner launched China's first one drag multi frequency air conditioner. In 2008, Chunlan air conditioner ranked the top three in China's most famous air conditioner ranking, and its awareness, love and trust ranked among the top four domestic brands. In 2015, Chunlan water chiller and variable frequency compressor won Jiangsu provincial awards.