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How to manage money for P2P novice? 2017 financial products worth recommending

For those who like to invest, sometimes they simply put money in the bank, the income is too low, and some people like to put money in yu'ebao, but yu'ebao's income is not very stable, and compared with other financial products, the income is not too high, so the problem is, there are financial products with higher income than yu'ebao? If you are a beginner level financial novice, no Don't listen to Xiaobian's suggestions.

It is suggested that entry-level P2P investment players can try the following two ways:

Method 1: dispersing small amount and spreading wide net

I believe most P2P Internet loan investors don't know the rules of the game of P2P investment. They always hear that they need to choose the right platform, but they don't know what a good Internet loan platform is. They only recommend such neutral platform through friends or similar good planning. There are many recommendations, and you may not know who to choose. So we suggest that those investors who have just contacted P2P network loan, we can try small amount, and choose more one or two regular platforms to disperse investment and spread the network widely, to see if its operation mode is suitable for you, and then make centralized investment. Related article link:

Method 2: steady investment and long-term adherence

As mentioned above, when investing in P2P network loans, you can choose several platforms for small water test, and then make centralized investment. This method is more suitable for some experienced investors. After a period of investment, they will know which platforms are more secure and which are most suitable for them. We need to focus our limited energy on several or even one platform for long-term stable investment, just like buying bank financial products, long-term persistence, in order to truly obtain the high income of P2P network loans. Related article link:

On the income of yu'ebao

The daily annualized rate of return is as high as 6%, 7% & hellip; & hellip; ', sweeping the whole financial market. However, in recent days, the yield of yu'ebao has continued to decline, falling below 6%, and there are still signs of further decline. And investors also found that the real yield of yu'ebao is not as high as advertised.

The reporter logs in the financing website to inquire and learns that, at present, the bank financing products on sale have an annual return rate of more than 6%, but the threshold of such financing products is relatively high, starting at least 50000 yuan, some even more than 3 million yuan. In this respect, yu'ebao has many advantages, but the reduction of the return rate makes many investors put their money back into the income Higher bank financial products Related article link:

Many people transfer money into yu'ebao for higher income, but they ignore the fact that yu'ebao is a monetary fund, and the fund interest is calculated two days later, so there are two days without interest. In fact, this situation also exists in other bank financial products. Each financial product sold by the bank has a raising period of 5 to 7 days. During this period, the money deposited into the account by the investors is also non interest bearing. However, due to the long term of the financial product of the bank, at least more than 35 days, the non interest bearing period of buying the financial product of the bank is relatively less. And the longer the purchase period is, the less the interest free period is. For example, a bank financial product with an investment period of 35 days and a raising period of 180 days are also 5 days, and the annualized rate of return is the same. If it is amortized, the rate of return of the bank financial product with an investment period of 180 days is higher than that of 35 days. Therefore, yu'e Bao's' 7-day annualized income 'is amortized on a 9-day basis. It's no surprise that the actual income is lower than the publicity income. Therefore, when the income of yu'ebao declines, some investors who are well funded and accustomed to medium and long-term investment will turn to the bank financial products with long investment period and short average interest free period.

The advantage of yu'ebao is that it can shop on tmall and Taobao without cash conversion, and there is no threshold. No matter how much money there is, it can have a certain income. For young people who are used to online shopping, it is a good choice to have a little income while shopping conveniently. But for some middle-aged and old investors who are not keen on online shopping, they are not used to putting money into yu'ebao specifically for investment. The reason why yu'ebao has profits is that they directly buy money funds, and they can also easily buy money funds through bank cards.