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Is the imported cherry better than the domestic one

Four seas network: every time I go to the supermarket to buy cherries, I always see two kinds of cherries, one is domestic cherries, the other is imported cherries. There is no small difference between the two prices. What's the difference between what looks the same?

Is the imported cherry better than the domestic one

Differences between domestic cherries and imported cherries

​ cherries from abroad

Chelizi from abroad is a transliteration of cherry. The most common variety of cherimony is Binying, followed by Linbao. Binying fruit is dark red, with thick and firm skin, good elasticity and sweet taste. Linbao fruit is light yellow, delicate and juicy. It is mainly produced in the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Europe and other places.

2. Domestic cherry

① Cherries (cherries). In 1871, American missionary J.L. Nevius first introduced cherries to Yantai for cultivation, mainly red light and meizao, which are the same as cherries abroad.

② Small cherries, also known as Chinese cherries and Chinese cherries, are small, thin and juicy, with sweet taste and light red color.

The main producing areas are Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Gansu, Shaanxi, etc.

What's the difference in price

In early February, Dalian cherry went on the market. The price of red light is 160-180 yuan / Jin, the weight of single fruit is 12g, and the price of meizao is 240-260 yuan / Jin. In March, the wholesale price of small domestic cherries is currently 40-50 yuan, while the wholesale price of large domestic cherries is 60-70 yuan, which can be called the 'noble' among fruits.

When will domestic cherries go on sale

It's another spring. The fruit market is full of varieties. It is understood that the domestic noble fruit big cherry has been on the market since the middle of March, and the price of this year's big cherry has dropped by about 25% compared with last year. People who like to taste it should start quickly. The ripening period of domestic cherries is from May to July every year. It should be the best to eat from late May to June 20. Because of different places of origin and different temperature conditions, the maturity time will be slightly different. Early cherries are generally listed in May of the Gregorian calendar, lasting for a little more than a month. Late cherries are almost listed in the middle and late May.