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National pheasant university exposes the complete list of 2017 national pheasant Universities

National pheasant university exposes the complete list of 2017 national pheasant Universities pheasant university, as its name implies, is to recruit students under the guise of running a school and for the purpose of making profits. Pheasant university usually gives people the feeling of being tall and tall in the name of the school. It takes a similar name with a famous school and confuses the public. In recent two years, pheasant university has been exposed more and more. Let's see what pheasant universities are exposed this year!

Pheasant university involves both fake schools and fake academic degrees. This kind of college is also called "diploma mill", which mainly refers to the school that is not recognized by the society and employers of the country although it is a legal institution (some schools do not even exist), and the main indicator is to spend money to buy diploma, while the diploma bought is not recognized by employers.

Fake colleges and universities often have their own official websites, but most of them are unable to log in. It seems that the websites that can log in are no different from those of ordinary colleges and universities, but a careful comparison may reveal that they are too greasy. In terms of domain names, the suffix of domain names on the official websites of national higher education institutions is' '. Edu. CN ", but the websites of fake universities are all based on business and financial enterprises. Com 'or' OIP 'or'. Cn'. Moreover, the false university does not have special departments and personnel to manage the website like the regular university, and the content of the website is often not updated.

How to distinguish pheasant university

First, look at the time of running a school. "Pheasant university" has a short running time, some one or two years, some three or five years, without traditional and cultural background. Generally, the quality of American university education, which has been established for more than 70 years, is relatively high and reliable. On the other hand, pheasant universities can only survive for a short time and have to close their doors or change their names.

Second, look at the teaching facilities and teaching venues. General universities have classrooms, administrative buildings, libraries, computer rooms, playgrounds, etc., while the hardware of "pheasant university" is extremely limited. Some simply rent in the business building, some display pictures of the library is very small, only a thousand books, only one or two computer rooms, it can be seen that it is "paste" out.

Third: 'pheasant university' major is very narrow. Basically, any major that is hot in the market will be opened.

Fourth, teachers rely on foreign aid. It is not difficult to find that the proportion of teachers and students in some schools is very small, and some of them are only 1:40. The main source of teachers in the school is the teachers of public schools. In such a school, students must think twice before they go.

Fifth: the intermediary propaganda is very commercialized, and even uses the "practice stall" marketing means. The so-called consultants often use the language of 'this school is good at everything; they guarantee that they can immigrate; it's easy to read' to motivate students.

Sixth: the enrollment standard is' erratic '. At the time of the announcement, the requirements of the school were clearly very high, but the average score of the students was barely 60, and the IELTS score was less than 5.0. However, the agency promised that there was no problem, so it was sure to go.

Seventh: in order to earn more tuition, pheasant university will not consider the students' learning background and specific circumstances, but will arrange many courses maliciously. After some students entered the school, they were successively arranged language courses, certificate courses, diploma courses and diploma courses, and paid high tuition fees before they were arranged to enter the formal courses. Remind students that when you find that there are language courses, advanced courses and undergraduate courses in the school you are going to, you need to keep an eye on them. Generally speaking, there are only undergraduate and master's programs in formal universities.