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Can crawfish shells be eaten

Four seas net: the hot summer has come, has arrived eats the small barbecue to drink the beer season. Crayfish is one of the most popular late nights of summer every year! Although delicious, some parts are not edible. Among them, shrimp head, shrimp thread, shrimp gill and shrimp yellow are not good. Is that crawfish and shrimp shell edible? Let's have a look.

Can I have crayfish and shrimp shells

In theory, shrimp shells are edible. The nutritional value of shrimp shell is very high. However, in real life, we suggest that very soft shrimp shells can be swallowed and eaten, for example, shrimp shells can be eaten completely. In addition, some smaller scallops have soft shells and can be eaten. However, do not eat the big, hard lobster shell directly.

Can crawfish shells be eaten

How to eat shrimp shells

The shells of shrimp can be eaten directly. Also, some of the smaller shrimps have soft shells and can be eaten directly. But if the shells of some directly cooked shrimps are not used to eating:

1. You can try to fry the shrimp skin. It's crispy and delicious.

Ingredients: shrimp shell, oil, refined salt, black pepper, red pepper, ginger, shallot.

Specific methods:

(1) Wash the peeled shells.

(2) Pour oil into the pan and fry the shrimp shells until crispy.

(3) In another oil pan, stir fry chili and ginger over high heat to taste spicy, and then stir fry onion.

(4) Put the fried shrimp shell, mix the salt, sprinkle with black pepper and stir fry.

2. Stew the live shrimp with some wine, sugar, salt, onion and ginger for a while. When they are unconscious, throw them into the microwave oven and bake them (cover with aluminum foil). The shrimp shell baked is also delicious.

3. It can be ground into shrimp shell powder for consumption.

4. You can also cook porridge. The shrimp shell cooked with porridge is the shell of ocean lobster. Its shell contains glands. The porridge is delicious.

When is the best time to eat crayfish

There is a lobster season from May to October every year, during which the crayfish is fat. The best time is June to August. In the process of lobster growth, the meat quality becomes plump in June, among which the three months of June, July and August are the strongest time for lobster to grow, so it is also the best time to eat. By September, lobster is almost empty, and there is no meat.