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Is it illegal for high-speed rail to set up seats to sell high priced tea

Recently, a netizen revealed that the dining car of g290 times in South Changsha, Qingdao and g458 times in Rongcheng - Shanghai has a special consumption seat. Passengers need to spend a lot of money to drink tea before entering the seat. What's the matter? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

High speed rail set up seats to sell high price tea

1. Is it necessary to consume when sitting?

Many passengers will inevitably encounter the situation that they can't buy a ticket. If they take a long-distance bus and stand for too long, they will find a way to find a seat. In the past, the restaurant must be the first choice. Now these two trains add tea seats, which will also attract many people who don't have tickets. So is it reasonable for teahouses to take this psychological threat and put forward the conditions that they must consume as long as they are seated?

2. Is it reasonable to set minimum consumption?

If tea seats are profit-making and do not allow free seating, this can be accepted by ordinary consumers. So if you sit in tea seats, you must accept the minimum consumption. Is this reasonable? According to this news, the minimum consumption of sitting in tea seats is more than 100 yuan, and the price is high?

3. Selling tea? Selling seats?

After buying tea, passengers can sit to the destination without any scruples. Is it selling seats in disguise? As a result, passengers without seats have to grab seats in the tea bar, which makes people doubt the original intention of the tea bar: selling tea? Selling seats?