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How to move a child's household registration after divorce

How to move a child's household registration after divorce in today's society, marriage and divorce are all normal things. If we get married together, we will get married. If we don't get along well, we will get divorced. But if we have children in the middle, we will have child custody. If the children are awarded to one of their parents, what should we do about the relocation of their child's household registration? How can I transfer my child's household registration? Let's take a look at the migration process of children's account.

Generally speaking, the problem of children's household registration after divorce is solved together with the settlement of the divorce problem. For the household registration of divorced couples, according to the relevant regulations: 'the divorced parties can go to the local public security police station with the original household registration book and the court's judgment or mediation letter to handle the procedures of household division or transfer, and the local public security police station shall handle the procedures according to the court's judgment or mediation letter and the regulations of household division and household registration. 'according to the household registration management regulations, the child's household registration can follow the father or the mother, which belongs to the migration between the immediate family members.

1. Usually, after divorce, the child's custody will go with the child's household registration;

2. If the child is under the age of 18, parents are required to handle the transfer of household registration;

3. If the child is at least 18 years old, he or she can transfer his or her own account;

4. At least 18 years old, you can apply for a single independent account with your ID card and account. We know that after the marriage of husband and wife, the Hukou of both parties is combined. If the child has already handled the Hukou and needs to move the hukou, the other party needs to cooperate; if the child has not yet handled the hukou, the party who obtains the child custody right wants to register the child, it needs to go to the place where the Hukou of the party who has the child custody right is located after the separation of the Hukou of both parties.

What is the account transfer process?

1. Get a divorce certificate from the civil affairs department first;

2. If the child has been registered, only the child's household register, birth certificate and husband and wife's household register need to be transferred to the local police station where the husband and wife's household register is located to apply for moving out; (if the child is still small and has not been registered, a divorce certificate, a baby's birth medical certificate, a birth certificate or a family planning service manual, a baby's parents' household register and other materials are needed, Go to the place where the household registration of the party with child custody right is located to apply for household registration. )

3. According to the contents of the children's ownership stated in the divorce certificate, the village committee or the neighborhood committee that needs to move in shall issue a letter of proof of moving in, and the local police station shall apply for the certificate of permission to move in (seal on the certificate of the neighborhood committee) (there will be differences according to different situations)

4. The certificate of admission place shall be issued by the local police station where the child's household registration is located;

5. The transfer certificate shall be registered at the local police station.

I believe that many people know that most of the victims of divorce are children. Single parent families are not conducive to the healthy development of children's psychology, so I hope that young people can cherish and think clearly. The above is the answer about how to transfer the child's household registration after divorce. Thank you for your attention. Xiaobian will continue to update more knowledge about the law for you.