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Is it good to scrape cold again? Can acne on the back be scraped

Scraping is a health care project, which has the functions of detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Some people are quite cold. Is it suitable for scraping? Still have the person that grow blain blain on the back can scrape Sha? About scrapping, let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Is cold re scrapping useful


Scraping has the effect of clearing meridians and regulating yin and Yang of the body, so it is useful to scraping cold again, which can promote the operation of the meridians to achieve the purpose of expelling cold. But if scraping is too painful, it means that the cold in the body is very heavy, but it can't be often scrapped, because after scraping, the pores of the skin will be wide open, and it is easy to cause the "counter attack" of the cold outside, which will lead to more severe cold. After scraping, we should pay attention to protect the scraping part and drink more hot water.

Where is cold re scraping

The method of scraping at acupoints (Fengchi, Taiyang, Dazhui, Fengmen, Feishu, Jiaji, etc.) is used to smear safflower oil or Wanhua oil on the local skin of acupoints. The operator should hold the scraping plate tightly and scrape it from top to bottom. The force should be even and soft. Repeated scraping should be carried out for severe pain. Each treatment time is about 15 minutes. After scraping and scraping, drink warm boiled water or ginger juice sugar water to make sweat. Treatment once every other day.

Is it useful for scraping back acne

It's useless to scrape away pimples on the back

Because according to the doctor's introduction, scraping has no real health care effect, only real damage. If the acne on the back has been scratched. So scrapping in this area is also very dangerous, may cause damage to the skin, should be avoided.

Back acne, pruritus and scraping can infect

Because the back minister acne is accompanied by pruritus, it may be the tinea corporis reflected by fungal infection. If it is caused by fungal infection, then the fungus is very easy to be infected with the scraping instrument, and the person who scraps the back person with acne is also very easy to be infected with this fungus. Fungi have a strong ability to survive. There is no way to kill them without high temperature. Can back grow blain to be scrapped? So it's not safe to have acne on the back.

Causes of acne on the back

There are six causes of acne on the back, including: high sugar diet, hormone influence in adolescence (or menstrual cycle), genetic factors that are naturally prone to acne, overtime travel, stress factors that forget to sleep and eat, and activity factors of acne bacteria. Find out the reason for the development of acne on the back as soon as possible, so as to better fight against the acne on the back.

Early treatment or conditioning

It may be that if it is due to a systemic disease that causes the low resistance of the body, it should be actively treated to enhance the resistance. If there is acne on the back but the cause can't be judged by ourselves, and it doesn't get better for a long time, in order not to affect our life, we should see a doctor in time.

What is scraping

Scraping therapy originated from the Paleolithic age, which is one of the traditional Chinese natural therapies. In the treatment of diseases, scraping has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, adjusting the balance of internal organs and Yin and Yang, dredging the body's muscles and collaterals, eliminating toxins in the body, and promoting qi and blood circulation.

Scraping has little effect on cold

Cold is the most common cause of cold. However, scraping is generally only for the early and middle stage of the cold, which has the effect of relieving the wind and clearing the heat, dispelling the wind and dispersing the cold. The effect of scraping for the later stage of the cold is much worse. If you don't have a high fever, you can try scraping to cure it, but scraping can't reduce the fever. Once you have a fever, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. It's not good to believe in scraping.