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Zhong Nanshan announces good news Zhong Nanshan announces details of good news

Zhong Nanshan announces good news! Academician Zhong said that the state has also approved two more qualified antibody kits. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Guangdong's first meeting was held in the afternoon of February 23rd, and the first time in the form of tele consultation, academician Zhong Nanshan and Guangdong supported the Hubei Jingzhou medical team and Jingzhou new crown pneumonia treatment institution.

At the meeting, academician Zhong Nanshan first sent greetings to Guangdong's medical team supporting Jingzhou, Hubei. He said that from the current data, the epidemic situation in Hubei has begun to take a turn for the better, and the absolute value of the number of new cases has decreased. After the Guangdong support medical team arrived in Jingzhou, it played a good role in the local epidemic prevention and control. The work to be done next is mainly focused on critically ill patients.

Academician Zhong then sent you 'good news'. " At more than 2 o'clock this morning, the State Food and drug administration has approved several drugs. One of them is novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is a key task for identifying influenza, parainfluenza and new crown pneumonia. Zhong said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is much more prevalent in the US. China novel coronavirus pneumonia (a novel coronavirus pneumonia) is a pressing matter of the moment.

Academician Zhong said that the state has also approved two more qualified antibody kits. Both of these kits adopt the colloidal gold method, which can detect the LGM antibody in the patient. The LGM antibody can be detected on the 7th day of infection or the 3rd day of onset, which is very helpful for the further diagnosis of the patient.

In particular, Hubei can quickly identify patients and make a good diagnosis. In this way, it can help us quickly separate normal people from sick people '. Academician Zhong said.

At the end of his speech, academician Zhong said: "today is Sunday. In fact, there is basically no day of week. I would like to say hello to you and hope that the epidemic trend will continue to move forward as we expected. "

At the meeting, novel coronavirus pneumonia and intensive care specialists were also discussed on how to further improve the treatment of severe acute and severe patients with new crown pneumonia, to focus on superior medical resources, to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, and to improve the cure rate and mortality.

Source: Beijing News