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How does the body draw out milk blood to return a responsibility? The truth of blood discoloration i

Generally speaking, the color of our blood is red, but have you ever seen the color of milk? Eating and drinking in summer seems to be too much of a mouth addiction, but it actually brings us great security risks, so don't overeat in summer, or you may endanger your health!

Mr. Zhao is one of them. But no one thought that because of overeating, he almost lost his life.

On May 24, after eating, Mr. Zhao had a very painful upper abdomen and vomited. At that time, Mr. Zhao immediately went to Zhongshan chenxinghai hospital to see a doctor. The doctor gave him a blood test, but the blood he took was a surprise Related article link:

The results showed that Mr. Zhang's blood was not red, but 'milk' like milky white! Mr. Zhao's serum amylase increased more than six times, the serum lipase increased four times, and the serum total cholesterol increased about four times.

Noun interpretation

Severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) is an inflammatory reaction in which the pancreatic enzymes are activated due to biliary and non biliary causes, leading to the self digestion, edema, hemorrhage and necrosis of pancreatic tissue. It is one of the most dangerous acute abdominal diseases with many complications and high mortality, accounting for 15% - 20% of acute pancreatitis.

It is precisely because they are busy in work, have many social activities, do not pay attention to diet, and have the habit of drinking; in addition, in order to frugality often eat leftover food, it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis Related article link:

Studies have shown that people with waistlines greater than 105 cm have a significantly higher risk of developing acute pancreatitis than those with waistlines between 75 cm and 85 cm.

Severe acute pancreatitis caused by hyperlipidemia is more dangerous than biliary pancreatitis. This kind of patients have high blood fat, half of which is milky white. They usually like to eat high-fat, high protein food, rarely eat fruits and vegetables, and rarely exercise;