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Is whitening essence the best for daytime use whitening essence can nourish our skin well and bring deep nourishment to our skin. Can whitening essence be used in the daytime? Does the whitening essence have any effect during the day? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Can whitening essence be used in the daytime

The whitening essence can be used in the daytime. If the whitening essence bought by girls does not clearly indicate that it cannot be used in the daytime, then the whitening essence can also be used in the daytime. However, if the girls use the whitening essence in the daytime, they must pay attention to sunscreen. Otherwise, if you just use the perfect white essence and get UV damage in the next second, you will not use the white essence~

Precautions for daytime use of whitening essence

When girls use whitening essence in the daytime, it should be noted that if it contains pure vitamin C, fruit acid or retinol, it is not recommended to use it in the daytime. Because these ingredients have certain photosensitivity, when used in the daytime, it will make the skin more easily absorb ultraviolet rays, and make the skin more easily blacken, so it is not recommended to use them in the daytime.

Mistakes in using whitening essence

Whitening essence used alone

Many mm will think that since the nutrient content in the essence is so high, it's OK not to use water emulsion, which is actually a very wrong idea. The most basic steps to replenish nutrition for the skin still need to be improved. Timely priming can make the pores in a soothing state and make the essence easier to enter the skin. The right order should be, first with make-up water, then use whitening essence, and finally cream follow-up moisture.

The thicker the whitening essence, the better

Many people think that the thicker the whitening essence is, the higher the concentration is. In fact, the whitening ingredients are small molecules, which are easy to be stuck in the thick polymer glue, resulting in the whitening factor being stuck in it, remaining in the epidermis to form the barrier membrane, unable to penetrate and play a role. Therefore, moderate consistency is the best. In addition, before use, moisturizing lotion can be used to enhance the water retention. You may as well rub your palms with heat first, and press the palms gently on the cheeks. The increase of temperature will help to expand the microvasculature. After the cheeks feel warm, pat the essence on the face, so that the ingredients can penetrate more effectively. For the spots and uneven skin color, please repeat the rubbing.

The effect of whitening essence is the same

Although the final effect of whitening essence is whitening, the effect of different components of whitening essence is very different. Many mm said that the ineffective product may be that they chose the wrong whitening essence. Whitening ingredients are usually divided into two kinds, one is to inhibit the proliferation and production of melanin, the other is to accelerate the metabolism of melanin. The former is mainly composed of ursolic acid, vitamin C and its derivatives, licorice extract, etc. The latter is mainly composed of fruit acid and lactic acid, which can accelerate the metabolism of waste cuticle.