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What does lily have to do? Can Lily be eaten with soybean

Lily and soybeans are very good food. They are the perfect match for clearing fire. Soybeans are also the food we usually eat. They can be used to make soymilk. Have a friend to ask these two kinds can put together eat? Will there be any bad reaction. Xiaobian will tell you today that it's OK to put the two together. Lily and soybeans can make soymilk together. Adults and children can also drink it.

What does lily have to do? Can Lily be eaten with soybean

Lily is a famous health food and traditional Chinese medicine. People often make cakes out of lilies. Cantonese prefer to use lilies to boil sugar water to moisten the lungs and replenish qi. Lily is sweet in taste and smooth in nature. It has the functions of moistening lung, relieving cough, clearing heart and mind, clearing heat and cooling blood, beautifying and beautifying. Lily is a good nourishing product with both medicine and food. Fresh lily has a good therapeutic effect and can be eaten in all seasons.

What's the advantage of eating Lily? It has the effect of moistening lung, relieving cough, clearing heart and calming nerves. Winter melon + lily has the effect of cooling, heat dispelling and heat relieving, which is a delicacy for food therapy in summer. Lotus seed and Lily porridge. In addition to moistening dryness and nourishing the lung, and treating neurasthenia, palpitation, insomnia, etc., it can also be used as a nourishing tonic after the disease. Tremella + lily can clear away heat, promote fluid production, relieve heat and trouble, and nourish the pharynx and intestines. Suitable for constipation, dry cough, upset thirst and other diseases.

Medicine and food match with Yiji Lily + crystal sugar + winter flower: it has the effect of moistening dryness, clearing fire, clearing heart and nourishing lung. It is suitable for dry cough of lung, upset and thirsty, etc.

There are several ways to make lilies

1、 Congee with mung bean and Lily

Raw materials: 50 grams of high-quality japonica rice, 50 grams of mungbean, 15 grams of dried lily, 10 pieces of jujube

System method

1. The rice was lightly bleached with water once, mung beans and lilies washed three times, dates washed and seeded, and put into a high-pressure pot;

2. Add 1500-2000 ml water, boil rice to the top, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

3. Don't open the lid after the cease-fire, and let it cool naturally before eating.

2、 Lily tea

Raw materials: 2 dried lilies, 10 ml honey

Modulation: dry lily to boiling water for 10 minutes, drinking honey can be added.

Efficacy: detoxification, beauty and beauty.