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How to distinguish between real and fake sweet potato noodles

A lot of sweet potato chips on the market are fake. How to distinguish them? What's the difference between real and fake sweet potato vermicelli? Let's share some ways to identify the true and false sweet potato flour. You can have a look.

How to distinguish the true and false of sweet potato vermicelli

1、 Crispy: because the raw material is only sweet potato starch, it is very crispy after drying. It can be broken with a light grasp by hand, and it is not easy to return to moisture after drying. The so-called pure sweet potato powder sold on the market will not break even if it is exposed to the sun for 10 days. When purchasing sweet potato powder, you should pay attention to that if you grasp it, it must not be made of sweet potato.

2、 Color: there will be various colors of pure sweet potato noodles, because the quality of sweet potato starch used is different, some of them will be darker. The ones with good starch treatment will be a little white, but the color of sweet potato chips is dark on the whole. Sweet potatoes are bright, especially after cooking, which is more bright and vigorous. A lot of experience tells me that the pure sweet potato powder is yellowish, and cyan, so the color of the powder is true, and there is also a very white and transparent sweet potato powder.

3、 Pure sweet potato sticks are very boiling resistant, and there is another big difference between them and fake ones: the more bubbles the pure sweet potato sticks are, the more bubbles they are. It means that you are half a bowl when you are soaking. If you soak for a few hours, it will become more and more. This is a sweet potato made of vermicelli. You can use this method to distinguish.

4、 Taste: there is a sweet taste of sweet potato when chewing the pure sweet potato noodles. Of course, there is no fake one. It should also have a bad plastic taste. After cooking, the taste is smooth, and very chewy. This is what we call a strong way of noodles. It's made of sweet potato.

The difference between real and fake sweet potato vermicelli

1. From the outside, the color of a batch of pure sweet potato vermicelli is definitely not the same, some are a little black, some are a little brown, some are a little yellow and white, which is related to the phenols, proteins, amino acids, sugars, vitamins A, B, C, e and potato dregs contained in the sweet potato vermicelli; some are related to the ripeness of the vermicelli, the more mature the vermicelli, the more black, the more raw the vermicelli, the more white the vermicelli; and some are related to the sweet potato It is related to variety, processing time, technological process, etc. But the false sweet potato powder made of other starch (generally corn starch and cassava starch) has different components in the starch, so when it comes out, it can only achieve the purpose of color unification by adding dye, so the general color of the false sweet potato powder is similar without much difference.

2. The more dry and crisp the pure sweet potato chips are, the lower the water content is, the more broken the chips are, the better the toughness of the false sweet potato chips is, the less broken the chips are.

3. Pure sweet potato sticks are resistant to boiling and hard to break. Generally, they can only be boiled with boiled water. They are smooth and elastic after being boiled. Fake sweet potato sticks can be boiled with cold water. They are hard and inelastic.

4. As the gelatinization temperature of sweet potato starch is 76 degrees, the hot viscosity is high, the processing is difficult and tidy, the processing cost is high, and the price of pure sweet potato powder is high; while the gelatinization temperature of other starch powder is lower than 70 degrees, the hot viscosity is low, the processing is difficult and tidy, the processing cost is low, and the cost of other starch is low, so the price of fake sweet potato powder is low.

5. Sweet potato starch has the strongest water absorption and the biggest water swelling. Therefore, the cooked pure sweet potato noodles are easy to absorb the remaining water in the bowl after being put on for a period of time, while the other starch is weak in water absorption and small in water absorption and expansion.