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Is the electric toothbrush suitable for children? How to choose the electric toothbrush for children children don't like to brush their teeth, which is a headache for many parents. Worry about your child's teeth growing up. Not brushing your teeth can cause your teeth to be unhealthy. At this time, many parents began to consider the electric toothbrush, but also worried about whether the electric toothbrush will damage the children's teeth? Xiaobian will help parents solve this concern.

Is the electric toothbrush suitable for children? How to choose the electric toothbrush for children

Can children use electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush is not recommended for children. The electric toothbrush is convenient and clean, but it is not recommended to use the electric toothbrush for children. Because children can't use the electric toothbrush correctly, it is very easy to damage the young gums, causing the gums to appear red and swollen symptoms, at the same time, it will wear the teeth, and even cause periodontitis in serious cases, leading to tooth loss.


Which children can't use electric toothbrush

Generally, children aged 1 to 10 are not suitable for use. Children are in the critical period of tooth growth and tooth replacement, and their teeth and periodontal tissues are relatively immature. These children are better not to use electric toothbrush. They should buy ordinary toothbrush for children. When teaching children to brush their teeth, let them brush every tooth. The brushing time should not be less than three minutes, not more than five minutes, and the toothbrush should be replaced every three months. Of course, children can also use electric toothbrush, just to buy a special electric toothbrush for children.


How to choose children's electric toothbrush

1. Power selection

The best choice for children's electric toothbrush is the electric toothbrush with low power, because children's teeth and gums are relatively fragile, and children can't hold the toothbrush properly, so the power should be as small as possible.

2. Bristle selection

The bristles on the brush head should be small and soft. Secondly, the cute shape can attract children to brush their teeth. The shape of the toothbrush should attract children so as to arouse their interest in brushing their teeth. Soft bristles can damage their teeth and gums.

3. Brand selection

In addition, try to choose big brands that focus on electric toothbrush products, such as Philips and Euler B. Although the price will be a little expensive, the quality and professionalism are relatively guaranteed, after all, they are for children.