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How to clean up the clogged shower head

How to clean up the clogged shower head I believe that many friends have met this situation. The time spent in the shower room at home is too long. Many holes will be blocked slowly, and even the water will not come out. Then how to clean the shower head quickly? Let's teach you some tips for cleaning the shower quickly!

1、 How to deal with the clogged shower

1. Acupuncture

If the sprinkling is only partially blocked by the small holes, drain the water first and then prick the impurities in the holes without water with a needle to solve the problem!

2. Soak in vinegar

If a large number of holes in the shower are blocked, it is not appropriate to use needles to prick one by one. It is suggested that you prepare some white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the basin so that the shower head can be immersed. Soak it for ten minutes, and then open the water to wash out the scale impurities. The shower will pass.

3. Use rust remover

It is recommended to use WD-40 rust remover in case of blockage caused by rust on the metal of sprinkler head. It has good permeability to remove rust. Put more water to flush after the shower is through. WD-40 is not good for people.

4. Wipe with towel

At ordinary times, we should form a good habit of maintaining the shower. After each bath, we should shake the shower, and then use a towel to clean the water outlet of the shower. The water outlet hole of rubber material can be rubbed with fingers.

5. Shower cleaning precautions

a. Do not use strong acid to remove scale, so as not to cause corrosion on the surface of spray.

b. Do not use steel wire ball and other hard objects to wipe the surface of the shower, so as not to scratch the surface of the faucet.

c. Do not disassemble the shower for maintenance. Improper disassembly will damage the appearance and internal structure of the product.

2、 How to choose a shower?

1. A well-designed sprinkler can ensure that the amount of water allocated to each spray hole is basically the same, so the selection of sprinkler must depend on the water output. The water-saving function is the key point to be considered when choosing a shower. Some sprinklers are equipped with steel ball valve core and hot water controller, which can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This kind of design is more reasonable than the ordinary shower water saving 50%.

2. When selecting, let the sprinkler incline to water out. If the water out of the spray hole at the top is obviously small or not at all, it means that the internal design of the sprinkler is very general. Even if there are multiple ways of water out, such as shooting and spraying, the user may not get the corresponding comfortable experience.

3. Second, look at the spray head. Pay attention to whether the spray is easy to clean. The clogging of the water outlet of the sprinkler is often caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. It is inevitable that there will be scale deposition after the sprinkler is used for a long time. If it cannot be cleaned, some spray holes may be blocked. In order to avoid the clogging of the water outlet due to the poor water quality, the well-designed sprinkler is often protruding outside for cleaning, or the sprinkler is made of silica gel material, which is used for cleaning The dishcloth or hand can wipe away the scale deposited on the spray head. Some sprinklers also have the function of automatically removing the scale. You can ask more about it when you buy the sprinklers.

4. Look at the coating and valve core again. Generally speaking, the brighter the surface of the shower is, the better the coating processing. The good valve core is made of ceramics with high hardness, smooth and wear-resistant, to prevent running, emitting, dripping and leaking. Consumers must try to twist the switch by themselves. If the hand feel is poor, it is better not to buy this kind of shower.

5. Finally, the shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, which should also be paid special attention to. For example, if the water pipe and the lifting rod are flexible, if the sprinkler hose and the steel wire are flexible, if the sprinkler connection is equipped with anti twist ball bearing, if the lifting rod is equipped with a rotation controller, etc.