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How about Maybelline metal lipstick? What are the color numbers of Maybelline metal lipstick

When it comes to metallic lipstick, it has to be said that the metallic lipstick of Maybelline, with its beautiful color number shining with metallic luster and crystal, is adorable and has its own fashion aura on its lips. If you are a fashionable person, let's take a look at this metal lipstick with Xiaobian.

Maybelline metal lipstick color test 15 copper spark

15 copper spark can be said to be a combination of dirty orange and bronze metallography. It has a strong metal sense, but the background color is also very deep, so it won't be too abrupt to paint~

62 Magma Red

62 magma red is a very bright positive red with a large gold flash. It looks very festive and is suitable for girls to use on holidays~

25 Copper Rose

25 copper rose is a crimson purple with a little rose gold flash. It looks very cool and sexy. But if it's thick, it might look like a witch's lip~

61 Supernova

Supernova is a kind of velvety rose red color, with a blue purple flash, it can be both daily and fashionable, allowing girls to switch freely~

How about the metallic lipstick of Maybelline

It's just a golden brown. It's very suitable for going to the nightclub. The color is very saturated, and it is very moisturizing. Any lipstick is very good-looking, with a variety of styles.

Maybelline metal lipstick

It should only be considered as metallic polarized red. The sequin color is not obvious. The paste is very metallic and not exaggerated. The texture is very good. It's white and doesn't pick skin.

Maybelline metal lipstick

It's just dark purple as the background color. The sequins are dark red with a little metal polarization. Girls who like heavy mouth and metal party must not miss this one.

Maybelline metal lipstick

This should be a nude version of the metal color, which is very suitable for overlapping and mixing. It's a light light gold color, which can also be used as an eye makeup ornament to make a high gloss.

Maybelline metal lipstick

A rose pink, with silver pearl inside, there is a kind of Barbie feeling, not fluorescent. This one seems very difficult to control, but it will be amazing if you paint it with white skin and light lip color.

Maybelline metal lipstick

It's called fortune color. It's super suitable for Christmas and new year's day. Red background color with gold flash film makes you feel like a paper addict. Thin coating and thick coating are very good-looking, showing white without picking skin.

Which country's brand is Maybelline

Maybelline's name is made up of the American chemist William's sister's name (maybel) and the second half of Vaseline. When Maybelline New York was founded in 1917, it produced the world's first modern eye cosmetics: Maybelline cake mascara. Now, Maybelline New York has become a legendary global cosmetics pioneer company. In more than 90 countries and cities in the world, Maybelline New York has become the first company to produce cosmetics and skin care products for women. So far, it has 99 years of brand history. Maybelline New York offers products including professional facial makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup.