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How to buy real donkey hide gelatin more experienced consumers all know that to buy donkey hide gelatin, we need to recognize the brand, and to buy it, we need to buy authentic Dong'an gelatin at regular drugstores and shopping malls. The circulation market of fake and inferior products makes consumers suffer. The editor reminds you of the four skills of "recognizing, seeing, fighting and smelling" and teaches you how to choose authentic donkey hide gelatin.

How to buy real donkey hide gelatin

How to choose donkey hide gelatin cake

First brand recognition

First of all, we should learn to look at the outer packaging. The authentic outer packaging and logo of dong'a gum are professionally designed and registered. The printed words on the right side of dong'a-jiao package have concave and convex feeling, logo and clear pattern; the color of the rubber block on the package surface is even and the surface is smooth, and the product logo of 'dong'a-jiao' is composed of four words of Jixiang cloud and dong'a-jiao. It is necessary to recognize the logo, and the position of the registered trademark logo is located in the upper right corner of Jixiang cloud pattern.

The second way to look at products

The authentic donkey hide gelatin has the characteristics of yellow transparent as amber, or light black as lustrous paint. The real one does not make skin odor, and it is not wet and soft in summer. These can be identified from the rubber block itself:

Dong'a gum: it is regular rectangle, brown and bright on the surface, with the positive print of 'dong'a gum' upright and clear, uniform color, no pores and oil holes, fragrant smell, hard and crisp, and can be broken in one pat.

Call the third way

Every real dong'a gum has anti-counterfeiting marks on its package, which is the only way to distinguish 'real Li Kui and fake Li Gui'. To buy donkey hide gelatin, as long as the anti-counterfeiting label coating on the packaging box is scraped open, all calls are free. Input all the anti-counterfeiting codes according to the voice prompt, and press' ා 'to finish, you can immediately know the authenticity. It is recommended that consumers check carefully when they buy.

The fourth way to smell

The simplest way is to put the pieces of donkey hide gelatin into your hands, first to exhale the gas from your mouth, and then to smell it in front of your nose. If it is true, it has the unique fragrance of traditional Chinese medicine; if it is false, it has the obvious odor.

The right way to choose high quality donkey hide gelatin cake

Method 1: look

The whole color of donkey hide gelatin is transparent brown. It's also brown to make donkey hide gelatin cake. There's something wrong with the overall blackening of the color. Donkey hide gelatin cake contains donkey hide gelatin and other ingredients. You can know the content of donkey hide gelatin and its effect by looking at the proportion of various ingredients.

Method 2: smell / taste

Fake donkey hide gelatin will have a fishy smell, which can't be covered even if it's made into donkey hide gelatin cake. When you smell the fishy smell of your donkey hide gelatin cake, you should pay attention to it.

Method 3: soak in water

After soaking in water, the donkey hide gelatin cake without additives can be completely dissolved in a few minutes, and the brownish liquid (the mixture of donkey hide gelatin and water), walnut, jujube, black sesame, etc. can be separated out. The donkey hide gelatin cake with additives such as gelatin can only be dissolved to a certain extent.

Method 4: look at the list of ingredients

Generally, the content and composition will be indicated on the list of ingredients. If it is not indicated according to the actual situation, it is illegal. Ingredients such as gelatin dextrin will be marked on the list of ingredients.

Precautions and taboos of taking donkey hide gelatin

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Some people are not used to the taste of donkey hide gelatin. You can add sugar, honey and other seasonings to it, and take it after meals, so it won't cause nausea and nausea.

2. If gum bleeding, dry mouth and nose, hot sores, dry eyes, redness, increased eyesight, even dry throat pain, constipation or bloody stools and other symptoms occur after taking donkey hide gelatin, it may be due to the new product of donkey hide gelatin, leaving the factory soon, which is warm and helpful for fire. Therefore, you can buy donkey hide gelatin in advance and take it after a period of time.

3. The donkey hide gelatin is greasy. The diet of the weak spleen and stomach should not be too greasy and spicy. It is better to eat less things that are not easy to digest. It is better to eat some appetizer vegetables. Do not eat cold drinks immediately after taking it. If combined with the medicine for regulating the spleen and stomach, it can not only avoid discomfort symptoms, but also promote the digestion and absorption of donkey hide gelatin, and the effect can be doubled.

4. People with deficiency of Qi can take it together with dangshen, which can nourish both qi and blood, with better effect. The main manifestations of qi deficiency are shallow breath, low voice, tiredness and laziness, sweating when moving, loss of appetite, and weak tongue quality, that is to say, poor spirit and physical strength. As a general tonic, it is advisable to take donkey hide gelatin on an empty stomach.

5. When suffering from cold or menstruation, you should stop taking donkey hide gelatin. You'd better avoid it for two days before and after menstruation. Because of the antigenicity of donkey hide gelatin eggs, people who suffer from skin allergic diseases such as urticaria and who are in high sensitivity for a long time are likely to have allergies; it can also activate antibodies, so people who suffer from autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus should use it carefully.

6. If you are cold and afraid of cold, you can add a little longan when you eat donkey hide gelatin. Kidney deficiency can be matched with a little wolfberry. Rhubarb and donkey hide gelatin. If it is found that the mouth and tongue have sores, the urine is too yellow, and the tongue coating is yellow, it indicates that the Yang Qi is relatively strong and the internal heat is very heavy. It is advisable to take donkey hide gelatin after eliminating the fire.