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How does the human demon come from? How to judge the sex of the human demon? It's real life to expos

How does the human demon come from? How to judge the sex of the human demon? It's real life to expose the Thai human demon in recent years, the figure of the human demon often appears in the film and television works, which makes the audience marvel that the human demon is even more beautiful than the woman. Banshee is a unique group in Thailand. At present, most banshees are from Thailand. Many people are curious about banshees. Let's take a look at those things about banshees!

How did the Thai human demon come into being?

There are different opinions about the birth of Thai human demons. One of them is derived from the Indian 'eunuch'. The history of Indian eunuchs can be traced back to the Mughal Islamic state formed in the northern part of India in the early 16th century. In the long years of conquest, many Muslim leaders in the army collected a group of 'Yin and Yang people' (inborn men and women) to serve the women they left at home.

Due to the high salaries of these Yin and Yang people, they are generally devoted to their masters' duties. In addition to their own physiological defects, they can not threaten and hurt the deep and lonely women's families in boudoir garden, and they are highly trusted by the winners. After the Mughal Empire, a large number of yin and Yang people were favored and rewarded by their masters. Since then, the country's rulers and other dignitaries have gradually developed the custom of employing Yin and Yang people to serve the women's families, and gradually expanded to the whole of India.

Sex determination of Thai sirens

Some of the human demons are transgender (the external genitalia has been operated on), but most of them are still 'men', only the chest is raised, the waist is thin, and the fertility is completely lost (still able to ejaculate). Most of the human demons are very beautiful, the only difference between the appearance and the female is that they usually have large hands and feet, which can be identified by voice. This kind of people are mostly concentrated in Thailand, which we call "human demon".

In Thailand, the human demons generally come from poor families with difficult livelihood. It can be said that few rich children are willing to be human demons. In Thailand, there are schools that specialize in the cultivation of human demons. Generally, children start to develop when they are two or three years old. The way of training is to take feminization as the standard, women's clothing, dress, female behavior and female hobbies. At the same time, it is more important to take the female hormonal. The effect of the drug is to inhibit the development of male reproductive organs, promote metabolism in the body, and develop to women.

There are usually more than ten years of medication. More than ten years later, the physiological characteristics of men will gradually shrink. For example, the male penis will become short and small, and the skin will become fine and shiny. The more developed the buttocks and chest will be. Like women, the muscles will be reduced, the subcutaneous fat will be increased, the skin will be elastic, and the chest and milk will grow faster, which is taller, rounder and straighter than ordinary women.

The social status of Thai human demon

Although banshees are not really accepted by the mainstream society in Thailand, they do not suffer from great discrimination. There are Banshee students in schools and Banshee salesmen in shopping malls. Most of the human demons choose this path to earn money, and some of them are born with gender dislocation. However, after taking this path, most of the human demons find that they not only have to experience physical and psychological hardships, but also earn money and live a life not as simple as they think.

Thai law stipulates that the human demon is still male, but the human demon is defined as female in the daily life of the society. The human demon will choose according to the clothes of the day when she goes to the public toilet. If it's a female dress, she will naturally go to the female toilet.

Thailand's human demons are also compassionate people. How painful it is to take estrogen every day! And generally, the families of human demons are not rich, and they also supplement their families. Therefore, respect for human demons, so that they can live like normal people.