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What are the benefits of drinking jujube water

Sihaiwang: in our life, many of us like to drink dried red dates in water. It can not only replenish blood and Qi, beautify and beautify our face, but also has rich vitamins. It's good for our health to eat often. So which foods can jujube drink with? What are the advantages of jujube soaking in water?

What are the benefits of drinking jujube water

The method of soaking longan dried jujube in water

1. Prepare 10 dried osmanthus and 10 red jujube, and appropriate ginger and brown sugar.

2. Wash the dried osmanthus and jujube, wash the ginger and slice for use.

3. Wash the dried osmanthus, red dates and ginger, put them into the pot, boil them in high heat and turn to low heat for 10 minutes.

4. Finally, add some brown sugar for seasoning.

The method of Chinese wolfberry and jujube soaking in water

1. A handful of medlar, about 10 to 20, and three to four red dates. Wash the medlar and red dates and put them directly into a glass. Brew them with boiling water, or take them after boiling.

2. A large handful of Lycium barbarum, red dates 5 to 6 g, washed and put into the pot, stewed for 5 minutes, then boiled to boiling, put a small amount of ice sugar before starting the pot, quickly stir evenly, put the temperature and add honey to taste.

3. Wash the jujube and wolfberry, soak them slightly, put them into the blender, add some water to make the mixed juice, filter out the fruit dregs, heat some ice sugar to boiling and drink.

The method of soaking hawthorn and jujube in water

Materials: 6 dried hawthorn, 6 red dates and 1 spoonful honey.

Method: first clean hawthorn and red dates, then put them into the pot together, pour proper amount of water into the pot and cook for 10 minutes, add a spoonful of honey into the pot when drinking, which can replace tea drinking.

How much water is suitable for jujube slices

Take a few tablets and add some boiling water for brewing.

Red jujube is best to wash with cold boiled water can be eaten, with boiled water bubble can also be, boiled water can destroy all kinds of ingredients in red jujube, loss of a large number of vitamin C and various trace elements.

It is suggested that you do not eat too much red dates. Although red dates can nourish blood, regulate menstruation and beautify the face, eating more can easily cause diarrhea and hurt the spleen and stomach. Red dates can not be used together with cucumbers and carrot animal liver.

The benefits of drinking jujube in water

1. Jujube can improve human immunity and inhibit cancer cells:

2. People who often eat fresh jujube seldom suffer from gallstones. This is because the rich vitamin C in fresh jujube makes the excess cholesterol in the body change into bile acid, and the cholesterol is less, so the probability of gallstone formation is reduced;

3. Jujube is rich in calcium and iron, which play an important role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and anemia. Middle-aged and old people often have osteoporosis during menopause. Teenagers and women who are at the peak of growth and development are prone to anemia. Jujube has a very ideal therapeutic effect on them, which is usually incomparable with drugs;

4. It also has a good nourishing effect on people with deficiency of body;

5. The rutin contained in jujube is a substance that softens blood vessels and reduces blood pressure, which has the effect of preventing and treating hypertension;

6. Jujube can also be anti allergic, in addition to the smell, tranquilizing the mind, improving intelligence and brain, and increasing appetite.