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Can transgender people have children in recent years, with the development of the society, people's ideas have gradually opened up to accommodate the existence of different types of people in the society. Transgender people are one of them. When it comes to transgender people, there are many questions. After all, different from normal people, the most common topic about transgender people is whether transgender people have sex life and whether transgender people have fertility. Let's go Let's get to know each other!

Transgender refers to the abnormal psychological behavior caused by living according to the opposite sex for a long time, which is originally male or female. There are a few of them at home and abroad. Whether they can be raised or not has not been reported.

Can transgender people live a married life?

'transgender people's sexual life has no title of course', just so-called, 'men's body, daughter's heart' refers to transgender people's psychology, so transgender people are women psychologically. Besides breast plastic surgery, they also need to do transgender surgery. After the transgender surgery, they become girls psychologically. All women want to have a normal and healthy sexual life with the people they love;

Unlike a real woman, she has no uterus, and her vagina naturally does not excrete fluid, let alone menstruate. If want to be pregnant, must transplant uterus artificially, there is no successful precedent at present. In addition to the use of lubricants in sexual life, in addition, the peace of couples almost. '

Transsexual surgery can not only complete the physiological structure of women, but also enable transgender people to have a normal and healthy sexual life with those who love each other.

How long can transgender people live?

The method of variability determines the right and wrong life span.

For example: Thailand's banshees have become internationally famous. Their parents injected them with estrogen because of their poor family conditions, and then sent them to the Banshee troupe. Someone will buy them with money. This kind of transgender life span is extremely short, few of them live beyond 30 years old, and the injection of estrogen growth hormone has severely damaged their own physiological system.

Although deformation surgery has an inevitable impact on the human body, there are few cases of premature death at present. Of course, it should also be seen as a skill, which may not be due to denaturation but also due to the problems existing in surgery.

Can transgender people have children?

Can't, because before the sex change has been in the injection of heterosexual hormone, change the psychological state, such as women want to change into men, a continuous injection of testosterone will cut off menstruation, ovarian efficacy changes.

Can the transgender have sex? How is his vagina made? You can have sex and make vagina through genital reconstruction surgery. After the sex change, what about the original male reproductive organs? Have they been cut off? What about his urination? Yes, they have been cut off. The female genitalia will be produced through the genital reconstruction operation. Of course, they can urinate.