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The best time of Tomb Sweeping Day in 2018

The best time of Tomb Sweeping Day in 2018

Sihaiwang: Qingming Festival is a traditional festival of sacrifice, a day of ancestor worship and tomb sweeping. Tomb sweeping is also known as tomb sweeping. When we go to the grave, there are actually many taboos to pay attention to, such as who is not suitable to go to the grave, and can children go to sacrifice? There is a certain saying about these. Don't accidentally touch the taboo. Let's talk about the best time for Qingming Festival.

Who can't go to the tomb on Qingming Festival

1、 People who are weak or sick cannot go to the grave to visit.

2、 Pregnant women who are pregnant and women who are coming to have a holiday.

3、 People after drinking should not go to the grave for sacrifice.

4、 I have a friend who is not healed.

5、 I have a friend in court.

The best time for Tomb Sweeping Day 2018

You can go to the grave on Qingming Festival. But it should be earlier, usually before 8 o'clock in the morning. Otherwise, it would be meaningless. When it comes to tomb sweeping time on Qingming Festival, some people say "early Qingming, late 11th". It means that before 12 o'clock at Shangfen in Qingming Dynasty, I didn't come back for dinner until I went to the grave; after lunch at Shangfen in the 11th. Some people also say that when going to the tomb in Qingming, they usually burn paper before or on the day of Qingming. It is said that at that time one hundred and two hundred pieces of paper were burned.

What flowers are suitable for Tomb Sweeping on Qingming Festival

It is usually chrysanthemum, because in ancient China, chrysanthemum is regarded as the flower of sustenance, which has the meaning of missing and missing. White chrysanthemum is the most suitable, but also with some green grass, such as lilies, green leaves, carnations, etc., will be more beautiful. And yellow chrysanthemum has the name of longevity chrysanthemum, which is more suitable for visiting patients.

Can children go to the tomb on Qingming Festival

Children under three can't go to the grave on Qingming Festival. Qingming Festival is a festival to worship ancestors and deceased relatives. Many parents will take their children to worship their ancestors to express their feelings of missing and their memories of the dead. But in fact, no matter from the perspective of life theory or science, children under the age of three can't go to the grave. In addition, it also depends on the physical condition of children and various conditions of the cemetery. All should be taken into account. Therefore, many factors should be taken into consideration when parents take their children to the grave on Qingming Festival.