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Do you know the method of making pineapple juice by yourself

Sihaiwang: pineapple juice is a kind of drink made of pineapple and salt, which is used to clear heat and quench thirst. According to their own preferences, add their own favorite excipients, excipients are different, of course, taste and efficacy are also different. Especially in the hot summer, a cup of ice pineapple juice can instantly drive away the hot and upset. Usually the pineapple we buy home will be habitually soaked in salt water. Can this reduce the sour taste of pineapple? Is pineapple juice all right? Let's take a look at the summary of Xiaobian.

Do you know the method of making pineapple juice by yourself

Do you want to soak pineapple juice in saltwater

Soak in salt water.

Pineapple carries a substance called 'pineapple prion enzyme'. This substance has certain sensitization. People who are sensitive to this kind of substance are prone to allergic symptoms such as tongue numbness, lips redness and itching, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. after eating pineapple, while salt water can decompose this substance and reduce the sensitization probability. Therefore, pineapple needs to be soaked in salt water before juicing.

The benefits of saltwater bubble for pineapple juicing to improve the taste

Pineapple contains a variety of organic acids, salt water can play a certain role in neutralization, can reduce the sour taste of pineapple, make pineapple more sweet, and improve the taste of pineapple.


Salt water can decompose pineapple prion to a certain extent, thus reducing the risk of allergy.

How long does pineapple juice take to soak in saltwater

About half an hour.

If the time of soaking pineapple in salt water is too short, most of the 'pineapple prinase' in pineapple will remain; if the time is too long, it will make pineapple smell of water, and most of the nutrients will be lost in water, reducing the edible value of pineapple. Therefore, it is generally recommended that pineapple should be soaked in salt water for about half an hour before squeezing juice.

Do you want water for pineapple juice

Water needs to be added.

Although the water content of pineapple is rich, there are also many fibers in pineapple. If the juice is directly pressed without dilution, the pineapple juice will contain a lot of lumps, and the taste is relatively thick, and the taste is not good. Therefore, when pineapple is pressed, adding some water can make the pineapple juice more smooth and delicious.

The right way to extract pineapple juice

Ingredients: prepare a pineapple, a cup of cold boiled water and some honey.


1. Peel and nail pineapple, cut it into pieces, and soak it in salt water for about half an hour.

2. Rinse the soaked pineapple with water and cut it into small pieces.

3. Put it into the juicer, add cold boiled water, and stir to make the juice.

4. Pour in the cup, add some honey to taste.

Efficacy: beautify and nourish the face, moisten the intestines and relieve constipation, promote fluid production and thirst, etc.

What should be paid attention to when pineapple is juiced

1. When pressing pineapple juice and adding water, you should choose the boiled water or pure water that has been boiled. Do not use tap water directly to avoid affecting the taste.

2. Do not squeeze too much. Pineapple juice is not resistant to preservation. It is easy to breed bacteria in the natural environment. It is generally recommended to drink a cup of medium-sized pineapple juice a day.

Who should not drink pineapple juice

1. Allergic person. Although pineapple can decompose allergic ingredients by soaking in saltwater before juicing, it can't decompose completely, and there will be a few residues. Therefore, for those allergic to this kind of substances, it's better not to drink it.

2. Patients with gastric ulcer. Pineapple juice is rich in organic acid, which can easily stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and aggravate the discomfort of gastric ulcer.

3. People with diabetes. Pineapple juice is rich in fructose, which is easy to be absorbed by human body, so that the content of blood sugar increases, which hinders the control of blood sugar level.

4. Kidney disease. Kidney disease patients drink pineapple juice easy to increase the burden of kidney, which is harmful to health.

5. Coagulation dysfunction. Pineapple can dissolve fibrin with clotting function and blood clot. Therefore, for people with clotting function disorder, eating pineapple will reduce clotting function.