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How to apply Maybelline lipstick? What are the colors of Maybelline lipstick

Maybelline tricolor lipstick is no doubt a product developed with the market to conform to women's hobbies, so after its launch, it is very popular. How to apply Maybelline lipstick? How many colors does Maybelline lipstick have? What color of skin does it suit? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

How to apply Maybelline lipstick

Step 1: paint the upper lip, with the dark side facing down, from the center of the upper lip to the corners of the mouth on both sides, it doesn't matter at all. Because the outer color is very light, it can't be seen basically. The disabled hands don't have to worry about it.

Step 2: paint the lower lip, with the dark side facing up, slowly from the center of the lower lip to the corner of the mouth. It doesn't matter if you don't paint it well once, you can remedy it later.

Step 3: use the darkest side of the color to make a deep color on the inside of the lips.

Step 4: use the lightest color to smear a layer on the outside of the lips to blur the lip line.

Maybelline light lipstick lip biting series

The fragrance of bubble gum is very pleasant. The body of the cream is the same as that of monochrome light lipstick. It is similar to lip balm. The design of biting lip is three colors. The nude color has concealing effect, the middle color and the main color. It is suitable for girls who like to bite lip make-up but can't draw it well by themselves, or who can't directly paint it with deep lip color.

Maybelline lipstick color test: first kiss of rose

The color is Rose Pink gradual change, the main color is cold rose pink, very pink, so this color is more skin pick, relatively more suitable for white skin girls some Oh! The texture is smooth, the feeling of lip balm is moist.

Maybelline lipstick color test: Strawberry kiss mark

Strawberry pink gradient, the main color is warm red, very lovely color! And this color doesn't pick people, yellow skin and black skin can hold, the gradual feeling is super beautiful!

Maybelline lipstick color test: honey orange sweet kiss

Orange lipstick is perfect for enhancing your look, and this one is no exception. Orange gradual change, the color slants cold red tone, belongs to the vitality color, very suitable for the sports girls in the University!

Introduction to Maybelline

The products of Maybelline New York are very rich, from eye cream, skin care products, cosmetics, powder cakes, nail polish, eye shadow, powder, concealer, honey powder, make-up, concealer, eyeliner, set lotion, foundation, lipstick, lipstick, mascara, BB cream, blush, isolation cream, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip gloss, makeup remover.

Maybelline New York is also a world-renowned fashion leader. Christy Turlington, a world-famous model, and Anna Wang, a Chinese vogue cover girl, are brand spokesmen of Maybelline New York. In addition, Maybelline New York also works closely with Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi. Maybelline New York also signed a contract with happy girl champion Jiang Yingrong to promote an advertising activity with the theme of 'mastering your beauty' to Chinese women, and to create natural beauty with four simple films. '