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Is it illegal to test the sex of fetus in 2018

Is it illegal to test the sex of fetus in 2018 Although the concept of equality between men and women has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many families also think that it is the same to have boys and girls, but there are still some people who want to know whether the child is a boy or a girl. Is it illegal to test the sex of the fetus in 2018? Let's take a look at the law.

Is it illegal to test the sex of fetus in 2018

In September 2014, according to the website of the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council, in order to promote the balance of the sex structure of the birth population, crack down on the non-medical needs of fetal sex identification and the behavior of choosing gender to terminate pregnancy artificially, the health and Family Planning Commission, together with the Ministry of public security, the State Administration of industry and commerce, and the State Food and drug administration, drafted the prohibition of non-medical needs of fetal sex identification and choosing gender to terminate artificially Regulations on pregnancy (Draft for comments).

The opinion clearly forbids any unit or individual to introduce or implement non-medical fetal gender identification and select gender for artificial termination of pregnancy. The institutions or individuals that use relevant technologies to perform non-medical fetal sex identification or choose gender for artificial termination of pregnancy in violation of regulations shall be dealt with by the health and family planning administrative departments at or above the county level in accordance with Article 36 of the population and family planning law; the legal representatives, directly responsible executives and other directly responsible personnel of medical and health institutions shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 36 of the law Punishment by law.

According to the opinions, except for the fetus suffering from serious genetic diseases, the fetus with serious defects, the continued pregnancy may endanger the life safety of the pregnant woman or seriously endanger the health of the pregnant woman due to serious diseases, and other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations, selective termination of pregnancy shall not be carried out:

The administrative department of health and family planning at or above the county level shall order the pregnant women to correct and give a warning if they are introduced or organized to carry out the fetal sex identification for non-medical purposes, or if they choose to terminate the pregnancy artificially by sex; if the circumstances are serious, the illegal income shall be confiscated and a fine of not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 30000 yuan shall be imposed.

The opinion points out that the implementation of the fetal sex identification required by medicine shall be subject to the collective examination of more than three experts with clinical experience, medical genetics knowledge and professional and technical positions of associate chief physician or above organized by the medical and health institutions. After diagnosis, if it is really necessary to terminate pregnancy artificially, the appraisal institution shall issue a medical diagnosis report for the pregnant woman and notify the local county health and family planning department.

The above is the answer to your question. It is not allowed to check the sex of the fetus. If everyone can do it according to their own wishes, it may be more serious for the imbalance between men and women now, and other things will happen after the imbalance, which is generally not good. You can consult a lawyer.