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New shoes are too messy to grind your feet. I'll never be afraid of grinding your feet again

Four seas net: in daily life, can buy a pair of shoes that suits oneself very much really hate to fly! Because we always have such and such problems when we wear new shoes home. After wearing them for several days, we began to grind our feet. What should I do? I don't want to put it on. It really hurts a lot. Don't worry, Xiaobian has a trick for you!

New shoes are too messy to grind your feet. I'll never be afraid of grinding your feet again

I'll teach you a few moves. I'll never be afraid to grind my feet again

Women always feel that a pair of shoes, shoes, especially high-heeled shoes, are inexplicably attractive to women. It is said that every woman will fall in love with high heels at some time in her life. No matter how much you like shoes, if you don't feel comfortable, the good mood of the day will be destroyed. Especially for high-heeled shoes, if they are uncomfortable to wear, the mood of crying when walking will rush to my heart, I wish I could buy a pair of slippers to wear home! Especially for the new shoes, they are very narrow and uncomfortable to wear. Let's see how Japanese housewives deal with new shoes.

Materials to be prepared: 2 dense plastic bags and water.

1. Fill the plastic bag with about 1 / 4 of water, and then seal it,

2. Then put the bag filled with water into the shoes. If the shoes are real, the effect will be clear at a glance. Leather shoes, because it is very easy to restore to the previous state, so it is necessary to repeat several operations.

3. Put the shoes with dense bags into the refrigerator to freeze, put the shoes with sealed bags into a large plastic bag, and then put them into the refrigerator to freeze.

4. After the water is completely frozen, remove the shoes from the refrigerator and leave for 20 minutes.

5. Take out the sealing bag and slowly take out the sealing bag, so as not to cause damage to the shoes.

6. Wipe the wet part with a paper towel,

It's done! Try it on, you'll find it's totally different. It's very comfortable! By the way, my feet are swollen at the party, so if you want to buy shoes, try to buy them in the evening.