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What is the meaning of petty bourgeoisie life? What is the standard of petty bourgeoisie life

What is the meaning of petty bourgeoisie life? What is the standard of petty bourgeoisie life many people have heard the saying of petty bourgeoisie life. However, many people say that they talk about petty bourgeoisie life every day, but they don't know what it means. So today, we will come together to understand the relevant issues of female petty bourgeoisie life, and hope that you can know the answer to this question later.

【1】 Large mirror

Every petty bourgeoisie is a bit narcissistic. It is necessary to have a big mirror. It is necessary to have a design, check their development at all times, and make the small ones bigger and the big ones smaller.

【2】 IKEA household products

IKEA can make the most small money. It provides the middle-class lifestyle that small investors dream of in line with the international standards. Now small investors also understand that IKEA is only for the lower middle peasants in Europe and the United States, so small investors will enjoy IKEA while mocking themselves, which is also a fashionable lifestyle in line with the identity of small investors.

【3】 Laptop

Computers need laptops. They are all digital. The earth has become our village. We must have an interface with digitalization. Desktop computers are not cheap enough, at least not elegant.

【4】 Pets

Pets are very caring labels for petty bourgeoisie. They are regarded as family members, and they will have a very special name, such as "Wangcai". Foreign names are also unusual, such as "Clinton" and "Bush".

【5】 Guitar

Maybe it's the electric guitar, or the saxophone, which is usually hung on the wall above the fireplace as a souvenir of youth.

【6】 Fashion magazine

The coffee table of petty bourgeoisie and fashion magazines are all beautifully printed. They silently remind the guests that life in fashion magazines is closely related to the owners.

【7】 Sound

There will never be no sound in the petty bourgeoisie's home, and there will be a very beautiful CD shelf. Music is indispensable to the petty bourgeoisie's life style, but in most cases, it is only used as a background.

【8】 Black and white photos

In Europe and America, only rich people take black-and-white photos. Compared with color photos, black-and-white photos are classic, tasteful, rich in tone and level, which is beyond the reach of ordinary craftsmen.

【9】 Artwork

It is absolutely the finishing touch in the life of petty bourgeoisie. The best thing is the sculpture made by friends, overseas tourist souvenirs, limited copies of masters' works or small antiques. It is appropriate and not too ostentatious, which conforms to the vanity of petty bourgeoisie.

【10】 Tableware

Petty bourgeoisie knows how to eat. They are all gourmets. Although they don't often cook with fire, a set of exquisite tableware is indispensable. They are usually Western tableware, with beautiful flowers, candles and exquisite drinking utensils. They are placed in a regular manner, almost never used, and are used for eye-catching.