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What are the uses of banana peel? What are the functions of banana peel

What are the uses of banana peel? What are the functions of banana peel

Sihaiwang: bananas are one of the most common fruits in our life. Do you peel them every time you eat them? In fact, it's a waste to lose the banana peel. There are many wonderful uses of banana skin, whether it's skin care or home use, let's see what wonderful uses banana skin has.

What's the use of banana peel?

1. Banana peel can be used to clean leather sofa.

Leather sofa or leather chair, the use period is very long, usually should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance work, otherwise it is not so easy to clean for a long time. And banana skin has such a function: after eating bananas, you can easily use the inside of banana skin to rub the leather surface of the sofa, so as to eliminate dirt and keep the leather sofa clean.

2. Apply the banana skin on the skin to make the skin moist and smooth.

For people with dry skin on the face, stick the inside of banana skin on the face (the inside of the skin faces the side of the face), air for about 10 minutes, and then wash with water. This will make the skin more moist and smooth. Therefore, in our daily life, we can often use banana juice to wipe our faces and hands, which can effectively prevent skin aging, itching, peeling and other skin problems.

3. Use banana skin to polish leather shoes.

Using banana skin to polish leather shoes can make the leather surface clean and bright. Banana peel can also be used to wipe leather clothes, which can protect the luster of clothes and prolong the 'life' of leather clothes.

4. Prevent stroke skillfully.

Take 30 grams of fresh banana peel to fry soup instead of tea, which can dilate blood vessels and prevent stroke and angina.

5. Banana peel can also cure high blood pressure.

Chop up the banana skin, take 30g-60g, and take it in decoction, which can treat hypertension.

6. Defecate blood skillfully.

Take three banana skins and take them after stewing. It can cure hemorrhoids pain and stool bleeding.

7. Banana peel can resist depression.

The skin of immature banana, whether chopped, boiled or squeezed into juice, can resist depression and cure lovelorn. According to Taiwan's TVBS, people can chop raw banana skins that are not ripe and green in appearance, and put them into pots and boil them with water. Because the green banana skin contains a high amount of 5HP, it can be converted into serotonin after cooking. And people eat boiled banana peel, can relieve melancholy mood.

8. To cure the chapped skin of hands and feet.

After wiping hands and feet with hot water every time, rub the inside of banana skin on the hands to prevent the skin of hands and feet from chapping. If there is already a crack, you can rub the banana peel directly at the crack, and it can be cured by using it several times.

9. Banana peel can also cure beriberi.

Banana skin contains pyrodermin which can inhibit the reproduction and growth of fungi and bacteria, so using banana skin to wipe feet can effectively prevent beriberi.