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Is IOS 11.3 really coming with more new features that you can really play with?

Is IOS 11.3 really coming with more new features that you can really play with?

Four seas network: Apple officially released IOS 11.3 operating system, adding a number of new functions, including arkit 1.5, which supports more realistic augmented reality experience, iPhone Battery health (beta) and new mobile expression for iPhone x users. This update also includes stability improvement and bug fix. The editor also summarizes more new functions of IOS 11.3. Let's take a look.

1. New augmented reality experience

The arkit launched in IOS 11 brings excellent augmented reality technology to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users, making IOS a huge augmented reality platform. Apple continues to innovate on this exciting technology, bringing arkit 1.5 to developers, which can integrate the augmented reality experience into the real world more realistically and provide multiple tools for developing a new generation of augmented reality apps. Arkit 1.5 can present posters, logos and illustrations in an interactive augmented reality experience. Arkit can not only recognize horizontal surfaces such as tables and chairs, but also vertical surfaces such as walls and doors, and place virtual objects on them, and even more accurately draw irregular surfaces such as round tables.

Using advanced computer vision technology to find and identify the location of 2D images such as signs, posters and illustrations, arkit can integrate these real images into the augmented reality experience, such as arranging interactive displays in museums or presenting movie posters vividly. Now, the resolution of the real image in the camera is 50% higher than before, and it supports automatic focus to get a clearer and sharper view.

2. More animoji expressions about iPhone x

This spring, IOS 11.3 will bring new and exciting ways for users to experience augmented reality on iPhones and iPads. It will also introduce a new 'mobile expression' for iPhone x, and support viewing health records in health apps. In IOS 11, the animoji feature of iPhone x mimics your facial expression, which will provide your device with interesting information content. You can even share animojis with different users.

Interestingly, iPhone x users will get four new animojis in the IOS 11.3 update. In this update, the system has added four new "mobile expressions", which are dragon, bear, lion and skull. It looks like apple is bringing these new animojis to international users. They are from China, Russia, Mexico and Africa.

3. Improve security through AML

The new IOS 11.3 update adds security to users using the new advanced mobile location system. This function can help security personnel or we can say the police to find out the location of users. When you make an emergency call, AML will help them find your exact location. This update automatically sends your current location in an emergency.

4. Bus card function

For domestic iPhone users, in the official version of IOS 11.3, apple pay is finally supporting the domestic Apple pay transit, that is, the bus card function, although it is currently only limited to Beijing and Shanghai. BOC payment (Hefei Branch), Chongqing Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Suzhou citizen card, Wuhan Branch and lingnantong branch have entered the waiting list. In specific use, add Beijing and Shanghai transportation cards to 'wallet' and use Apple pay to take public transportation.

In terms of operation, add your existing traffic card or purchase a new card in the wallet. Just put the iPhone near the card machine to enter the station or get on the train. In addition, use the debit card in the wallet to recharge the traffic card on the iPhone. For many small partners, you can finally boast that you don't need to recharge the NFC. However, it should be noted that this function is limited to iPhone se, iPhone 6 / 6S / 6p / 6sp / 7 / 7p / 8 / 8p / X models, and apple watch needs additional card opening service.

5. Battery health

In December last year, the apple battery door event was so hot that the dust settled after this update. This is also one of the most concerned new features. If your iPhone Battery has aged, the system will automatically prompt you. This time, IOS 11.3 added the battery health option to the battery option. Users can check whether the battery needs to be repaired in settings & gt; battery. If the system detects that the battery life has reached the limit, the system will automatically remind the battery to be replaced (repaired). Note that this function only supports iPhone 6 and above models.