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May day blessing message

May day blessing message

Sihaiwang: May Day holiday is coming, and it's time to relax. Before that, let's follow Xiaobian to learn about the blessings of 2017 labor day.

2017 Labor Day greetings

On May 1st Labor Day, please keep in mind: don't drink too much, and don't drink with meat and vegetables; don't be too tired to play, and have a healthy and safe mind. I wish you a happy May Day!

May 1st Labor Day, golden week of tourism, everything preparation, luggage and hotel, route and map, happy is very important, safety is more important, don't be too tired, rest on the way. I wish you all the best!

On May 1st Labor Day, there is no stop in tourism, enjoying the beautiful scenery, improving the new realm, gathering relatives and friends, talking and laughing together. Although the body is tired, the heart is naturally beautiful, and the human feelings are precious. Although the festival is busy, do not forget to send blessing: happy Labor Day!

On May 1 Labor Day, I wish you all the blessings you need. I wish you all the happiness, happiness, sorrow, smile, and good luck. I wish you happiness and good luck.

May day, best wishes to report. I wish you a prosperous career, friends everywhere, sweet feelings to the viscera, good things come in succession, colorful life.

May 1 Labor Day, I wish you: spring is coming, leisure and self-sufficient, mood stretches your brow, happiness comes to your heart, worry is behind your head, good health omen!

On May 1 Labor Day, we can exercise our muscles and bones to drive away the tiredness of the whole body; relax and relax, and have fun during the holidays; we can edit and send SMS to send good luck. I wish you a happy journey and a happy life.

On May 1st Labor Day, I finally took a rest, went out to relax, looked around at the scenery, relaxed, happy in it, enjoyed the scenery, tired and worried, happy in it, good things come naturally, SMS sent blessings, wish the working people the happiest.

My thoughts on you are like a continuous stream of smoke. My blessings to you are the murmuring stream that accompanies me all my life. Dear friends, I wish you a happy May Day!

Where there is sunshine, there is my sincere blessing; where there is moon, there is my deep thoughts, I sincerely bless you. happy International Workers ' Day!

The wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the cloud is flowing, the song is free, the love is attentive, the love is crazy, the day is eternal, you are unforgettable. Friends, happy May Day!

Work is a boat, performance is a sail, home is a harbor, festival is a shore, wash away the dust, smile, welcome happy every day! Wish you: happy May Day!

Work is endless, but the body is tired, health is the cost of life. May day must relax, treat oneself more kindly!