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Pay attention to air conditioning! Correct air-conditioning methods to prevent these discomfort

Pay attention to air conditioning! The right way to blow air conditioning will help you prevent these discomfort air conditioning can be said to be the Savior of the 21st century. It can protect human beings from the heat. However, the extremes of things must be reversed, and good things cannot be used too much. Blowing too much air conditioner will hurt the body, and even worse, it will lead to facial paralysis. The result is so serious. What are the specific hazards?

1. The most vulnerable respiratory tract

Although the air conditioner will cover the quilt, it can only keep warm but not prevent disease. Air conditioning enters the human body from the respiratory tract. When you wake up, your nose and mouth dry, you will still have cold symptoms. Therefore, the air-conditioning invasion respiratory tract, sometimes is defensible.

2. Susceptible to cold

In summer, if the outdoor temperature is too high, the blood circulation of human skin will be accelerated, and heat will be discharged through sweating, so the body surface temperature will rise. If you go into a low temperature room suddenly from a high temperature outdoor, the peripheral blood vessels can't close and contract quickly, and the human body will lose a lot of heat. As time goes by, the cold accumulates in the body and gradually suffers from the cold phobia. This kind of person is prone to cold hands and feet, cold, gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other symptoms.

3. Brain nerves will be out of balance

People who often sit in air-conditioned rooms will say: 'I feel dizzy, dazzled and forgetful'. This is caused by air conditioning disease, the common brain nerve imbalance response. Some people turn on the air conditioner all day at home, or enter the house with sweat dripping from the outside, and adjust the temperature to a very low level. The sudden cold air is easy to stimulate, and the pores will contract suddenly, causing headache and dizziness.

4. Blow out the 'air conditioning leg'

In summer, if you wear shorts and short sleeves, in the air-conditioned room, the exposed knees will be in a low temperature environment for a long time, which will cause vasoconstriction and slow down of blood flow, so it is easy to induce knee joint diseases such as synovitis and bursitis. The elderly, the middle-aged women with weak resistance and the white-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time are the high-risk people of air-conditioned legs. For a long time, the strong cold air is very harmful to the joints. At this time, if you don't pay attention to keeping warm, you will easily suffer from arthritis when you get old.

How to blow air conditioner correctly

26 degrees is the best

The most suitable temperature for human body is 26 ℃, a little lower, the human body will feel too cold. If the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, it will lead to the gradual maladjustment of the body's regulating ability and the decrease of immunity over time, so it is better to turn on the air conditioner at about 26 ℃.

The air conditioner blows upward

Don't blow the air conditioner on your body. The air conditioner is too cold. If it is directly facing the body, it will cause cold air to enter the body, affect the peripheral blood circulation, and eventually cause various arthritis. It is better to cover the neck with a silk scarf when blowing the air conditioner indoors, and cover the legs with clothes when wearing a skirt.

Do not turn on the air conditioner before entering the house

When you are sweating in the outdoor sun, do not turn on the air conditioner when you go home. Because at this time, the pores are in the open state for perspiration, and the sudden cold wind is easy to make the temperature drop sharply, which can induce fever and cold. It is better to turn on the air conditioner 10 minutes later when you enter the room from the hot outdoor.

Don't turn on the air conditioner all night

When sleeping, the body temperature drops. If the air conditioner is turned on all night in order to keep cool, it is also easy to cause headaches, colds and other symptoms. Before going to bed, the air conditioner must be turned off or set to turn off regularly.

Window ventilation is the key

Use air conditioning must pay attention to ventilation, it is better to turn off the air conditioning every hour, open the window to let the fresh air circulate. In order to avoid respiratory tract infection caused by poor ventilation, air circulation will also lead to too dry indoor air, resulting in nasal congestion, sneezing and other symptoms. If necessary, you can buy a humidifier in the air conditioning room to adjust the indoor air environment.

Do not turn on the air conditioner in the morning or at night

Every morning and evening, the indoor and outdoor temperature is relatively low. It is suggested that the elderly, children, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups can choose to go outdoors for appropriate exercise, breathe fresh air, sunbathe, strengthen the body's immunity, and appropriate sweating also plays a role in detoxification. Fans and baths can also be used to cool down properly.

Clean the filter screen frequently

If the air conditioning filter screen is not cleaned for a long time, it will lead to poor refrigeration effect and small air volume at the air outlet. The most important thing is that the dust on the filter screen may contain a large number of Legionella bacteria, which may cause slight headache and respiratory discomfort when inhaled into the human body, and even lead to lung infection and pneumonia. Before the long-term unused air conditioner is used again, it should pay more attention to cleaning.