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Is homosexuality innate or acquired? Can sexual orientation change the day after tomorrow?

Taiwan has become the first region in Asia to declare the legalization of homosexuality. I believe many people have this question. Is homosexuality innate or acquired? This debate has lasted for at least several hundred years, but there is still no absolute conclusion. Let's have a discussion with you today.

Before 'being an alternative Group', people thought homosexuality was the result of the day after tomorrow.

One view is that homosexuality is "unnatural", a disease or mental disorder. The other view is that homosexuality is an obscene, disgusting, rebellious way of life chosen by individuals. People who hold the first view will put homosexuals into hospitals and mental hospitals for forced 'treatment', such as taking medicine, electric shock, various kinds of mental stimulation and torture, and even sexual assault and abuse, hoping to 'cure' homosexuals. What's more, some people who do this really feel that they are helping homosexuals get rid of the misery and contribute to society Related article link:

People who hold the second view will stand on the moral high ground and attack homosexuality, believing that they are moral corruption and social cancer, and should be disgusted and excluded by all people, and hope to 'awaken' Homosexual conscience and guilt, so that they can get lost. In short, people at that time thought that since homosexuality was caused by the day after tomorrow, it could be corrected by the day after tomorrow. But the means of 'correction' are often very inhumane.

'it's a mess if you keep cutting.'

So the homosexuals at that time thought: if we can prove that homosexuality is innate, is born to decide, is unable to change through the day after tomorrow, then there should be no one to torture us. So they collect all kinds of evidences to support their arguments, and there will be some exaggerations and false elements in the process Related article link:

Considering the previous experience of homosexuals, their desperate self-protection and counterattack, though sometimes not correct and honest, can at least be understood. Of course, this does not exclude the possibility that individual media may use the opportunity to stir up controversy.

"It's not so easy to fall in love" gay groups and supporters later found that even if it can prove that homosexuality is completely innate, it may not change their situation too much, or even have some unexpected side effects.

For example, if homosexuality is completely determined by genes, we can theoretically detect whether a child will become homosexual before birth, and some homophobic parents and families may choose abortion. For those who think that life begins with a fertilized egg, this is equivalent to depriving homosexuals of their right to exist before they are born. Similarly, anyone who has a physical examination in the hospital may be found to be gay. Anyone who plucks your hair can scientifically prove that you are gay. This is a very big privacy security issue. At the extreme, some governments can even require all citizens to have compulsory physical examination and separate all homosexuals, which is anti Utopian Related article link:

If homosexuality is innate, it will strengthen the opposition between homosexuality and heterosexuality, because 'they are different from us genetically', which will increase the demonization, fear and exclusion of homosexuality. The X-Men series of films / comics has a very strong metaphor of homosexuality, in which the fear, hostility and violence of ordinary people towards mutants are cleverly corresponding to the attitudes towards homosexuality in the real society.