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Don't use the microwave oven like this

Don't use the microwave oven like this microwave oven is one of the household appliances we use everyday. It can bring us a lot of convenience at ordinary times. After the cold rice is put into the microwave oven, it only takes three minutes for the meal to be hot. Do you know the taboo of using microwave oven? Improper operation and use will bring us some danger.

Never use a microwave like this

1. Meat and poultry that have been thawed in microwave ovens cannot be frozen again. As a result of thawing in the microwave oven, the outer layer has actually started to heat at a low temperature. At this low temperature, bacteria may have multiplied to a dangerous number. Although refreezing stops reproduction, it does not kill living bacteria. Therefore, the meat that has been thawed in microwave oven must be heated to fully cooked, if not eaten, it will be put into refrigerator.

2. Do not heat meat to half heat in advance, and then heat it in microwave till it is fully cooked. Although this can reduce the cooking time before the meal, the bacteria in the half cooked food are not killed, even if put into the refrigerator, the bacteria will still grow. The second time I use the microwave oven to heat it up, I may not be able to kill all the bacteria because of the short time, and eat a bad stomach. Therefore, if busy family chefs want to save cooking time, they still prefer to cook meat, put it in shallow containers, or pack it in plastic bags of frozen food, freeze it, thaw it in the refrigerator or microwave oven before heating it.

3. People often thaw or heat their leftovers in microwave ovens, and then forget that they will last for hours, according to a USDA survey. If you forget to take it out for more than three hours, you'd better discard it to avoid food poisoning.

What are the taboos of using microwave oven

1、 Do not put the ordinary plastic container into the microwave oven for heating: first, hot food will deform the container; second, ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, pollute food and endanger human health.

2、 Avoid over heating: put the food into the microwave oven for thawing or heating. If you forget to take it out, if the time is more than 2 hours, you should discard it to avoid food poisoning.

3、 Avoid using metal utensils: because the metal utensils such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel, etc. put into the oven will generate electric sparks and reflect microwave when the microwave oven is heated, which will damage the oven body and make uncooked food.

4、 Do not heat meat until it is half cooked and then use microwave oven to heat it: because bacteria are not completely killed in half cooked food, even if it is put into the refrigerator, bacteria will still grow. When using microwave oven for the second time, it is impossible to kill all bacteria due to short time. Frozen meat must be thawed in microwave first, then heated to cooked food.

5、 Do not use closed containers: wide mouth containers should be used when heating liquid, because the heat generated by food heating in the closed containers is not easy to dissipate, so that the pressure in the containers is too high, which is easy to cause explosion accidents. Even when decocting food with shell, it is necessary to pierce the shell membrane with a needle or chopsticks in advance, so as to avoid bursting and splashing on the furnace wall after heating.

6、 Do not freeze the meat thawed by microwave oven: because the meat thawed in microwave oven has actually heated a layer of low temperature outside. At this temperature, bacteria can reproduce. Although the reproduction can be stopped by refreezing, the living bacteria can not be killed. If the meat that has been thawed in microwave oven is put into refrigerator for freezing again, it must be heated to full ripe.

7、 Avoid fried food: high temperature oil will cause splashing and open fire. In case of fire in the furnace due to carelessness, do not open the door, but turn off the power first, and then open the door for cooling after the fire is out.

8、 Avoid keeping the film in contact with food: when using the film, it is better not to let it directly contact with food in the heating process. Put the food into the bottom of a large bowl, seal the mouth of the bowl with the film or directly cover it with glass or porcelain without the film, so as to seal the water vapor and make the heating quick and even. Before taking out the food, the plastic wrap can be punctured to prevent it from sticking to the food.

9、 Avoid working in front of the microwave oven for a long time. After opening the microwave oven, people should be away from the microwave oven or at least 1 meter away from the microwave oven.

10、 Do not put the microwave oven in the bedroom. At the same time, pay attention not to cover the heat dissipation window grating on the microwave oven.