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How to change the toilet cover

How to change the toilet cover

In daily life, the toilet cover will inevitably break after a long time. However, when you buy the toilet cover, you will find problems. How to install the toilet cover? Toilet cover style is not the same in different ways. Here is a summary of toilet cover tips. Let's have a look.

Tips for end replacement 1:

When replacing the toilet cover, you only need to remove the fixing bolts at the back of the toilet to replace it. When installing, pay attention to the operation in the opposite direction. Most of the toilet covers on the market are of all sizes. When installing, adjust the two bolts. However, we also need to measure the size, the distance between the screw holes, the width and length of the toilet cover in advance, because the shape of the toilet cover is also different, you can pay attention to it, and then go to the store to buy a new and appropriate toilet cover for replacement.

Tips for end replacement II:

Different types of toilet covers have different installation methods. In general, the bottom of the toilet cover is connected to the position of the toilet, and the back is screwed up with screws. You just need to extend your hand down to find out where you can unscrew the screws on both sides, and then you can take the whole cover down directly. It's very simple, you can try it.

Three tips for end replacement:

Find the screw cap, remove it with the handle and replace it with a new one. Generally speaking, the position of the screw cap is not easy to find, some in the open, some in the dark. The screw cap in the dark place is usually on the side of the toilet near the water tank. After opening the cap, put it in by hand, and touch it up and in the direction of the water tank. You should be able to touch it. You can't see it directly from the outside.