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How to register for online driving test

Driving school fees are more and more expensive, driving test is more and more difficult, so what is the process of driving test? The test must be reserved, with ID card and other related documents, enter the test room, and follow the arrangement of the examiner. It's a compulsory process to pass the regular test and get a driver's license. So, how to register for the online driving test? Today, Xiaobian will introduce the relevant processes for you one by one.

1、 How to register online for driving test

The latest online booking procedure for driving test online booking procedure and test booking procedure:

1. Open the traffic safety integrated service management platform, open the traffic safety integrated service management platform, and select your province.

2. Select test appointment

3. Click Register now

4. Fill in the user information, fill in your ID card number and mobile phone number at the time of registration (Note: if the mobile phone number has been changed, please go directly to the service hall of the vehicle management office to change it)

5. Select the type of users and select the students who apply for the driver's license for the first time

6. SMS verification

7. Read and agree to the business instructions, click Next

8. Confirm the information. Click next

9. Select the subject, venue and start and end time of the appointment, input the picture verification code, and click next

10. The system provides two reservation modes for selecting date and time:

Choose the test times independently, and obey the system to arrange the test. If you choose the mode of independent selection of test sessions, the system will display the list of all test sessions within the period of starting and ending of the user's selected appointment application. You can select one session or multiple sessions for appointment. If you choose the mode of obeying the system to arrange the examination, the system will automatically match the qualified exam session within the period of starting and ending of the user's selected appointment application Click next to confirm the submission. 11. Confirm to submit the reconfirmation information and click "finish" 12. After the submission of the step is completed, the system will generate the business serial number, and the system will arrange the examination on the day when the appointment result is publicized and publish it.

2、 What operation steps should be paid attention to after entering the examination room

1. Check whether the name, ID card and test type on the seat are consistent with yourself. If there is any inconsistency, please submit it to the examiner.

2. Tap "OK" key and wait for a few seconds. After the system gives the test questions, start to answer them. (the answer time is 45 minutes, and there is a time prompt on the screen).

3. The examination questions are divided into two categories: multiple choice questions and judgment questions.

The multiple choice question is one of the three answers, choose a correct answer. If the examinee thinks that there are one pair of answers, then hit the key 1; if there are two pairs of answers, then hit the key 2; if there are three pairs of answers, then hit the key 3. After selecting the answers, then hit the key "confirm" to enter the next question.

The judgment questions are divided into 'correct' and 'wrong'. If the examinee thinks the question is correct, he / she can select key 1, if he / she thinks it is wrong, he / she can select key 2. After selecting the answer, he / she can click 'confirm' to enter the next question. Note: candidates can only tap 1, 2, 3, modify and confirm these five keys. Other & Radio; keys are useless keys. If you press & times; key, the examinee can't touch it. Otherwise, you will quit the exam.

4. If the examinee finds that the answer of the previous examination question is wrong and needs to be modified, he / she can click the "modify" key to return to the question to be modified for modification, and then repeat from this question.

5. There are 100 questions in total. After 100 questions are finished, the system will automatically give the test results.

6. The test time is 45 minutes in total. If the examinee fails to complete 100 questions within 45 minutes, the system will automatically end the test and give the score.

It can be seen that the passing of the traffic test is the first step to get a driver's license. Knowing the test process is conducive to students' preparation and elimination of tension. To participate in the traffic test, candidates must carry valid certificates such as ID card or residence card to prove the identity of candidates, and then enter the test room according to the test regulations, and the process and steps of the test should also be clear. If you want to know more about law, please provide legal advice.