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What are the effects and functions of eating sesame raw or cooked

What are the effects and functions of eating sesame raw or cooked sesame is a very common food in our daily life. It can be used as seasoning, ingredient, or oil extraction or direct eating. There are many ways to eat sesame. Sesame contains rich vegetable oil, vitamins, minerals and other elements. Do you know whether sesame is cooked or raw? What are the effects of sesame? Let's have a look.

Is it better to eat raw sesame or cooked sesame

Sesame is known as the top of eight strands. Sesame is a kind of oil-bearing crop. The extracted oil is called sesame oil, sesame oil and sesame oil. It has a mellow smell and can be used for heat production.

Black sesame should be cooked and eaten well! It has certain nourishing effect on black hair, but it is important to stick to it! It will have corresponding effect. Do not eat it raw, or it will be bad for the stomach and intestines, or diarrhea. And raw black sesame also affects the absorption of human body to it!

Black sesame has a good effect, but we should master the correct production method. Because of its thick skin, small grains, not easy to chew, and can not absorb nutrition after eating, black sesame should be made into sesame balls after nine steams and nine sunshines, so eating it can play an effect.

Cooked food is good. The husk of sesame is hard. If the whole sesame is eaten raw, its digestion and absorption will be poor. Only by breaking the sesame into powder, can we get the most abundant and complete nutrition of sesame. Sesame powder system, you can use a small fire to fry sesame until the fragrance escape, you can also buy ready-made sesame powder, but it is best to have a brand. A good sesame powder may cost three times as much as a normal one. There are some inferior sesame powder on the market, which is a by-product of sesame oil. Be careful. Sesame is not suitable to be roasted in high fire, because sesame contains unsaturated fatty acids necessary for human body, which can reduce cholesterol and prevent hardening of blood vessels, but it is easy to oxidize in light and heat, forming peroxides, which are free radicals, can cause cancer and accelerate aging of human body.

How to fry raw sesame

1、 Pick out the big impurities from the raw sesame.

2、 Wash and stir the sesame seeds in the water basin. Use a net spoon smaller than the size of sesame seeds to remove them (remember not to remove them from the bottom of the basin to avoid sand mixing in). When the remaining sesame seeds are removed, pour less water. Then shake the basin and pour out the remaining sesame seeds with the net spoon. Finally, pour out the remaining small sand. Wash the sesame seeds several times as the case may be until they are cleaned.

3、 Stir fry the wet sesame in a frying pan or vegetable pan. Stir over medium heat. When the water is dry without sesame, use a small fire until it becomes lighter when shoveling. At the same time, hear the crackle of sesame jumping. Turn off the fire and let it cool to eat. Stir fry sesame, add a little salt, chew.

Sesame contains a lot of fat and protein, as well as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients. Sesame is sweet in taste and smooth in nature. It enters liver, kidney, lung and spleen channels. It has the functions of invigorating blood and eyesight, dispelling wind and moistening intestines, promoting body fluid and milk, benefiting liver and nourishing hair, strengthening body and anti-aging. It can be used for the treatment of weakness, dizziness and tinnitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cough, weakness, early white hair, anemia and yellow, insufficient body fluid, dry stool, lack of milk, blood micturition and other diseases.

Black sesame contains a lot of fat and protein, as well as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium and other nutrients. Eating black sesame can help people to prevent and treat gallstones, and at the same time, it has the functions of brain strengthening, wisdom improving and longevity prolonging.

Effect and function of sesame

1. Prevention and treatment of skin inflammation

Sesame can prevent the harm of lipid peroxide to the skin, counteract or neutralize the accumulation of free radicals in cells, make the skin white and moist, and prevent various skin inflammation.

2. Nourishing blood and skin care

Sesame also has the effect of nourishing blood. It can cure dry and rough skin, make skin delicate, smooth and ruddy.

3. Nourishing and health preserving

Black sesame is a tonic and tonic. It can nourish the class, the hair, the body fluid, and the intestines. It is suitable for weak body, early white hair, anemia and yellow, lack of body fluid, dizziness and tinnitus.

4. Defecate

Because sesame contains a lot of fat, it can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation caused by the reduction of intestinal fluid.

5. Promote bone development

The content of calcium in sesame paste is higher than that in vegetables and legumes, only inferior to shrimp skin. It is very beneficial for the development of bones and teeth to eat it frequently.

6. Prolong life

It can strengthen the body, prolong life, nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the spleen and lung.

7. Prevention of hypertension

Sesame has a high content of essential fatty acids. Japanese like to put black sesame and carrot together to make black sesame carrot sauce. In this way, the & beta; carotene in carrots can be easily absorbed by the human body. Eating three spoonfuls a day has a good effect on preventing high blood pressure.

8. Hair care

They can help digest and maintain skin and hair health.