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How is halitosis in the morning? What are the tips for eliminating halitosis

How is halitosis in the morning? What are the tips for eliminating halitosis Although halitosis is a very small problem, it will seriously affect your personal image. When you talk to others, you will be smelled. Stay away from them immediately. It will also seriously hurt your self-confidence. What's the matter with halitosis when you get up in the morning? How to get rid of bad breath? Let's have a look.

Causes of bad breath in the morning

1. Liver fire is one of the main causes of stomachache. According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver is responsible for catharsis and participates in the metabolism of emotion, Qi and blood, bile, etc. But the loss of the liver leads to the disharmony between the liver and the gallbladder, the invasion of the liver qi to the stomach, and the inversion of the bile, which leads to the bitter mouth, the indigestion of the food, as well as the phenomena of many farts, easy sighs and the pain of the two ribs.

2. Most people will take tonic in winter, but excessive tonic in winter will easily lead to food accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract, digestive problems, stomach heat and stomach fire. General stomach fire brings not only halitosis, but also swelling and pain of gums and bleeding of gums in the morning.

3. The intestinal obstruction mentioned here refers to constipation, constipation, etc. Long term diet is too fine, eat less dietary fiber, then prone to constipation and constipation. This situation will lead to the secondary absorption of waste in the intestinal tract. In addition to halitosis, it will also cause dark yellow, color spots, blood in the stool, emaciation and fever.

4. People with dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral mucositis, cavities, periodontal diseases and other oral diseases are prone to bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria, which decompose to produce sulfide, give off the smell of corruption, and produce halitosis.

5. This is because the mouth is the birthplace of halitosis. The sulfur-containing protein produced by the 'fecal reef' in the intestine is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria in the mouth to produce volatile sulfide (VSC). However, due to the decrease of saliva secretion at night and the decrease of acidity in the mouth, the decomposition of sulfur-containing protein by anaerobic bacteria becomes extremely active, so the generated sulfide (VSC) is more than other time periods. Therefore, in one day, when sleeping in the morning, it is the most serious time of halitosis.

6. Dinner is too 'heavy', overeating or eating meat or greasy food is too large, or the amount of spicy and hot irritant seasoning is too large, the fragrance is surplus and the light is insufficient, the time between dinner and sleep is too short, and there are too many food in the stomach when sleeping, etc. So it's recommended to eat less at dinner.

What about halitosis in the morning

1. Because most of the patients with halitosis belong to hepatobiliary heat syndrome and gastrointestinal heat syndrome, they can take some Chinese herbal medicines to reduce the fire: for example, bamboo leaf plaster soup: 30 grams of raw plaster, 30 grams of reed root, 12 grams of raw ground, 12 grams of honeysuckle, 9 grams of bamboo leaf, Ophiopogon japonicus, FA Xia, forsythia, Platycodon, 3 grams of liquorice, three and a half bowls of water, one pair of medicine can boil out three bowls, and one bowl of warm medicine every morning and evening. After drinking for about 2 weeks, the halitosis symptoms will improve.

2. In addition to drinking Chinese medicine to reduce internal fire, you can also drink more raw tea (such as green tea), Kuding tea, honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum tea to reduce fire. It can also take away the excess grease in the body, and avoid the halitosis caused by too much meat.

3. The third way to reduce internal fire is to eat more bitter fruits and vegetables, such as balsam pear, raw pear, lettuce, bitter cauliflower, etc., which can help reduce internal fire and eliminate halitosis at the root. Eat less hot meat such as beef, mutton and dog.

4. Internal and external treatment can solve the problem thoroughly. So the three methods mentioned above are "internal governance". Let's start with "external governance". Percussion can alleviate halitosis to some extent. First, close the lip, gently knock 100-300 times, during which there may be increased saliva, and then slowly swallow the small mouth, do 2-3 times a day, not only can treat halitosis, but also have a good effect on other oral diseases, we might as well try.

5. The second way is to brush your teeth on time. Brush your teeth for three minutes before going to bed every night. When you brush your teeth with light salt water, you can effectively remove more than 70% of the bacteria in your mouth. Brush your teeth again with light salt water the next morning, so that the halitosis symptoms will be greatly reduced. Pay attention to the correct up and down brushing method to be more effective.

A food to get rid of bad breath

1. Kelp: it can eliminate bad breath.

In recent years, it has been found that there are effective deodorant substances in kelp. The deodorant effect of kelp is three times of that of flavonoids. Therefore, people with halitosis often eat kelp to eliminate halitosis.

2. Cucumber porridge: it is specially used to treat dry tongue and bad breath caused by excessive heat or internal dampness.

Material: cucumber 50g, rice 100g

Method: cucumber peeled and sliced and rice porridge cooked at will.

3. Xianyutou tofu soup: the taste of xianyutou is sweet and has the effect of clearing away heat, while the cool nature of tofu has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, which is very effective for mouth ulceration, gum swelling, pain, halitosis and constipation.

Ingredients: salted fish head, 1 tofu, several pieces, 1 ginger

Method: wash all materials, cut salted fish head into pieces, fry it slightly, put it in the pot together with ginger, add some water and roll it for about half an hour with strong fire, add tofu and roll it for another 20 minutes. The method is simple, the material is easy to get, and the effect is good.

4. Raw reed root porridge: it is specially used to treat halitosis caused by dry tongue or swollen gums.

Material: 30g reed root, 50g rice

Method: after the reed root is washed, put it into the pot and add some water, boil for 15 minutes in high heat, leave juice after residue, add rice and cook into congee, 1 dose per day, it is advisable to take it on an empty stomach every morning, about 5 doses are effective.

In addition, the diet is light, eating more cellulose rich food is conducive to cleaning the mouth, but also should be appropriate to eat the food with heat clearing, moisture absorption, pollution prevention and deodorization, such as sweet melon seeds for the end of the mouth; Fennel for soup or raw chewing; orange cake often chewed; using the boiled water of the seeds of Jiangsu to rinse the mouth; preserved plum and so on have the effect of eliminating halitosis.